Chains of Darkness

Chains of Darkness by Caris Roane Read Free Book Online

Book: Chains of Darkness by Caris Roane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Caris Roane
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Paranormal
live beyond the two-week mark even if they’re treated well.”
    Claire’s throat hurt. “And after two weeks?”
    “A second transition occurs at six months, but the survival rate at that point drops to fifty percent.”
    Claire tried to process what he was saying, but she kept stumbling over the 50 percent figure.
    Half died at six months.
    Had Zoey even made it to the six-month mark?
    She stared at Rumy, her eyes narrowing all on their own; maybe if she squinted it would help her brain figure this out. “We’re talking about a diminishing chance of survival. So what happens after six months?”
    Rumy grew very still. His tongue once more made a nervous appearance between the fang-tips then disappeared.
    She looked at Lucian. He stared at her from beneath his heavy scowl and thick straight brows.
    She felt it again, that weight in him, the heaviness he carried around in his soul that had more to do with the responsibility he felt toward his world than anything else.
    He didn’t take his eyes off her as he said. “Tell her the rest, Rumy.”
    She shifted to stare at Rumy once more.
    He continued, “By the two-year mark, there’s only an eight percent chance she’s still alive.”
    “Eight percent?”
    “In a decent situation, eight.”
    “And Daniel bought her.”
    And Daniel was the one who’d killed his own son, Marius, in front of Lucian.
    Once more, her stomach seized. She wasn’t even sure her heart beat any longer. It was one thing to not know; another to suspect the worst. But hearing a figure like “eight percent” shifted Claire’s perceptions of the situation. These were the hard facts, and given the solemnity that vibrated against her neck, the reflection of Lucian’s emotions in this moment, she knew Rumy was telling her the truth.
    Lucian drew close to her and took her hand. “He should have told you, Claire.”
    She stared up at Lucian, her heart heavy. He’d lost Marius today and maybe she’d lost Zoey, though she couldn’t be sure. Maybe she should be angry that Rumy hadn’t told her everything, but she wasn’t. She’d done a good thing, perhaps even a critical one in bringing Lucian safely to The Erotic Passage. If anyone had a chance of ending Daniel’s reign, Lucian did.
    Rumy’s phone rang, and he stepped into the hall to answer it.
    “I’m so sorry, Claire. This isn’t good news, and again I wish like hell that Rumy hadn’t used you the way he did.”
    When Lucian let her hand go, she rose to her feet. “You know what? I’m fine with it. Because you’re safe and after what I saw Daniel do, Rumy’s right, your world needs you here right now.”
    “I think that’s really generous of you.”
    Rumy reentered the room, a slight frown on his brow.
    Lucian glanced at him. “Anything we should know?”
    Rumy still held his phone in hand. “I’ve got several calls to return, which is a good thing—one of them might actually be a lead that will pan out. As soon as I heard that Daniel was offering a reward, I alerted my network, asking for any information that might surface about the extinction weapon. Let me see what’s going on.”
    He seemed to consider the situation, then addressed Claire. “I’m sorry for what I did.”
    “It’s okay. I understand your reasoning, and I actually agree with you. Lucian is needed here. You did the right thing.”
    Rumy held her gaze for a long moment, finally nodding several times in a row. “All right then.” He shifted to Lucian. “Listen, let me follow up on the leads. In the meantime, why don’t you show Claire the main part of the club.” He then slapped his pant pocket, dipping inside. He drew out two crimson tickets. “And Eve sent these along.”
    Lucian glanced at them, scowling. “I’m not taking Claire to a sex show.”
    Rumy shrugged. “You know Eve. She thinks everyone will love her stuff. But it might be a good thing to expose Claire to other parts of the Erotic Passage because who

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