Chase Baker and the God Boy: (A Chase Baker Thriller Series Book No. 3)

Chase Baker and the God Boy: (A Chase Baker Thriller Series Book No. 3) by Vincent Zandri Read Free Book Online

Book: Chase Baker and the God Boy: (A Chase Baker Thriller Series Book No. 3) by Vincent Zandri Read Free Book Online
Authors: Vincent Zandri
spilled much innocent blood
in the name of Allah.”
    “What’s this got to do with a boy
born with three sets of arms?”
    “Radical Islamists, especially
those belonging to ISIS, wish for one thing: world war. A jihad to end all
jihads. A war that will unleash Armageddon for which they will gladly die. That
happens, the sky will be filled with martyrs all making their way to heaven…”
    “…And their forty virgins…I’m
already well aware of this bedtime story, Anjali.”
    “Kashmiri and his 313 believe with all
their hearts that it is just a matter of time until enough atrocities against
Christians, Jews, Westerners, and peaceful Muslims occur, and that the United
States and its allies will have no choice but to commit to a total war against
Radical Islam and all its differing factions, including 313.”
    “Here’s what I believe,” I interrupt.
“If that kind of global war were to occur, it would not last very long. Would
you like to know why?”
    “Why, Chase?”
    “Because evil bastards like
Kashmiri will die and die quickly. ISIS, 313, Al Qaeda, and all of them lack an
important tool for waging World War III. They haven’t got the money to unleash
a world war. No heavy armor, no heavy assault weapons, no Air Force, no Navy…need
I go on? The most they’re capable of are lone wolf attacks outside the Stans,
Africa, and the Middle East. They also lack unification. As much as they fight
the West, they also fight and kill one another.”
    “You don’t need to go on, Chase,
but your point is very well taken, which leads me to why Kashmiri is interested
in Rajesh. You see, the terrorist has set his sights on something far larger
than 313 or ISIS. He wishes to unite all the differing terrorist factions in an
unholy axis of evil by resurrecting the ancient Thuggee cult.”
    The hair on the back of my neck pricks
up. “The original terrorists. Responsible for millions of innocent deaths. Until
the British wiped the cult out. I’ve already discussed this craziness with
    “There are people today who believe
ISIS and Al Qaeda are Hell incarnate on Earth, just like the Indian Sikhs and
Hindus of yesteryear believed the Thuggee was Satan on earth. The Thuggees were
believed to maintain a very real and special relationship with the evil God
Kali herself. Kashmiri would require a special power to raise the Thuggee from
the dead. A direct connection to Kali.”
    In my head, I recall Dr. Singh
describing Rajesh’s miracles.
    “The kid,” I say.
    “Rajesh is a special boy. A God Boy,
as you called him. A healer. A miracle maker. To men like Kashmiri, he is a
direct link to God or…” Her voice trails off.
    I turn to her, peer at the lamp
light reflected in her dark eyes.
    “Or the Devil,” she adds. “You see,
Chase, like the black Goddess Kali, Rajesh can be utilized for both good and
evil purposes, just like a mortal man, who himself is capable of both good and wicked.”
    My stomach drops. “I think I see
what’s happening now. Kashmiri kidnaps Rajesh, believes he can use the kid to
summon up the power of Kali and the evil Thuggee. With the power of the devil
behind him…”
    “His new Thuggee army of
terrorists, formerly aligned with Allah, now becomes invincible. However, it
still needs one thing more.”
    “And that is?”
    “Funds. Enough cash to build an
army bigger than that of the United States of America.”
    I stare out over the river. It’s
black and haunting. The way it flows beneath me makes me feel lonely and cold
even in the warm weather.
    Anjali flips through more digital pages
on her iPad until she comes to one that shows a gold statue—a photo I instantly
recognize as the eight-armed Goddess Kali.
    “Several weeks ago, our spies
intercepted an email intended for officials at Rhode Island’s Providence
College in the US. It came from a scientist digging beyond the boundaries of
the Chitwan National Forest in Nepal. It

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