Chasing Atlantis

Chasing Atlantis by Kelly Coughlin Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Chasing Atlantis by Kelly Coughlin Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kelly Coughlin
solutions, maybe talking it over with Mom about finding a good hospital with specialists to help her fiancée. It wasn’t fair that she always got the short end of the stick in life. She is such a wonderful person.
    I was no longer jogging but sprinting. The familiar cramps in my sides made me wince in pain, my lungs were on fire; the burning sensation pushed up into my mouth making it dry and sticky. I was gasping for air, but I wasn’t about to stop now. The anger was being replaced by determination, so long as I kept that up I knew I wouldn’t do something stupid.
    Finally my legs gave out. I collapsed into a heap on the sand. I could feel all the blood pumping through me, hammering loudly in my head. I was gasping in and out for air; I took it in with greedy gulps. Male laughter made me look up in shock.
    I quickly realized with a stab of fear that I hadn’t been paying attention to where I was running. I ran far from the public beaches to the sleazy hotel district. On the beach were young men holding on to plastic cups clearly intoxicated, laughing at me. They were all tall, with rippling muscles. There was no one to call for help. I was rooted hopelessly to the ground.
    The biggest one staggered forward with stupid grin on his face. “Hey, babe. We were just looking for a cute thing like you.” Then the rest of the men stepped forward.
    I jumped to my feet and ran back the way I came, covering them with dirt and mud. I heard laughter and curses after me. I didn’t dare look back to see their faces. I might not have made it out of there if I did. My legs felt unsteady, trembling beneath my wobbly body.
    Adrenaline took the place of anger, pushing me faster than the latter. I was almost where I parked my car in less than half the time the initial run took. I looked around to make sure there was no one following me, there wasn’t. I slowed my sprint down to a walk. My chest heaved heavily all the way.
    It was completely dark now. It struck as me as odd almost. I was the only one on the beach now, with the exception of the starry-eyed couples walking hand in hand along the water. After what I’d just encountered the couples seemed oddly out of place.
    When I was sure I was completely alone I sat down on the creamy white sand, running my fingers through the grains. I knew I’d have to go home and apologize for how I acted to Gaby, eventually. I also knew Mom would be angry that I left without clearing it with her, again. I groaned, pushing all the worries out of my head. I just wanted to sit here, enjoy the view, and not worry about anything right now like any normal teenager.
    The moon was just a sliver in the sky, the gentle light glittering off the majestic waters, twinkling one color for one second, then another the next. The gentle breeze cooled me down, slightly ruffling my wreck of a bun. I took my shoes off, dipping my sweltering feet into the cool ocean.
    A soft lulling sound make me look up in surprise, I thought I was alone. I lifted my gaze to meet a pair of blue-green eyes, startlingly vivid even in the pale moonlight. My intake of breath was only audible to me. About twenty feet away stood the most amazing woman I have ever seen. She had the same vivid blue-green eyes as the lifeguard, though somehow not as serene to me, her eyes had a hard glint to them. Her tan skin actually seemed to shine in the dark night. Her dark hair blew about her wildly, even though there was no breeze. Only her upper torso was showing, covered by her long brown hair, the rest of her was swallowed in the water.
    Her lips moved in some unknown song, lulling my dull human senses. The song was extraordinary; her voice was sweeter than honey, twisting from a high octave gently dropping to a lower one in some unknown chant too brilliant for me to follow. Her voice caressed me, warmed me, forcing me to believe that it was okay to follow her, despite the fact that every human instinct wanted me to bolt. More than anything in the

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