Chasing Cristabel (Ashland Pride Six)

Chasing Cristabel (Ashland Pride Six) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online

Book: Chasing Cristabel (Ashland Pride Six) by R. E. Butler Read Free Book Online
Authors: R. E. Butler
Tags: shifter romance, mfmm, mountain lion shifters, mountain lion romance, ashland pride
unfair to put her in that
situation where she would be bored. At the same time, he didn’t
want her to go anywhere without them.
    “Theresa didn’t take the news well. I’m
fairly sure she knew that we’d taken Cris into the office. Dylan
told her that Cris was our mate and that was all there was to it.
She tried to protest, but I told her that we would absolutely talk
to Perry about her if she didn’t take a hint, and she just walked
away. Hopefully, by the time we’re all working together next week,
she’ll have moved on to someone else.”
    “Pity the guy,” Chase said.
    Hunter glanced at Cris and then nodded at
Chase before returning to his post by the door. Chase handed a
pitcher of beer to a waitress and then began to make a Long Island
Iced Tea. The night couldn’t end quickly enough. His lips still
tingled from kissing Cris. No matter what the night brought, they’d
found their mate, and that was all that mattered.

Chapter 5

    “I wasn’t sure what you liked so I brought
you a sampler basket,” Dylan said, breaking her attention from the
email she was reading from her mother. A red, plastic basket lined
with white paper sat in front of her, containing mozzarella sticks,
chicken wings, jalapeño poppers, and french fries.
    She looked up at him. He was too freaking
adorable for his own good. He had full lips that begged to be
kissed, a straight nose, and impossibly thick eyelashes surrounding
jade-green eyes. His dark brown hair was cut short. He was well
built but not as big as Hunter. She’d felt the lean, hard muscles
under his shirt when she’d touched him.
    “It’s perfect, thanks.” She smiled, and he
grinned, ducking his head and kissing her cheek before promising to
return in a little while.
    She looked over to the bar and found Chase
watching her. Smiling, she lifted her soda in a salute, and he
grinned. Hunter was looking at her as well when she found him at
the door checking IDs, and he smiled at her in a slow way that,
even from a distance, made her body tingle.
    Turning her attention to the appetizer
basket, she plucked a mozzarella stick out and took a bite. She
closed her mother’s email, deciding it was better to leave the
response until the next day when she wasn’t thinking about what her
guys looked like naked. Her guys . Yeah. They really
    Sending a text to Lily, she thanked her for
making her go to the bar and for being such a great friend.
    How did you know I’d find my mates at the
    Because they came in looking for you. I don’t
know what you smell like, but you’re the only shifter who came into
the diner the other day who wasn’t mated.
    Cris laughed. You’re the best.
    I’m going to spend the night at my grandma’s
so you can have the apartment.
    Cris’s brows rose in surprise. She hadn’t
even thought about where they were going to go after they were done
working for the night. Thank you!
    You can thank me with something chocolate
    After an hour, Dylan came out and said,
“Would you like to hang out in the kitchen with me? It’s not all
that fun, but at least you wouldn’t be sitting by yourself. I’m
sorry we can’t leave any earlier.”
    “Sure, that sounds fun. I don’t mind
    He picked up her empty basket, and she
carried her drink as she followed him into the kitchen. The kitchen
had white tile on the floor and beige painted walls. The walls had
a dingy tint to them, and she suspected it was from all the greasy
food that had been fried there over the years. Dylan pulled a chair
away from one wall and brought it near one of the counters where a
bag of frozen mozzarella sticks sat.
    “How long have you worked here?” she asked as
he cut open the bag and counted out a few orders of the breaded
cheese sticks, before carefully dropping them into the hot oil
    “We’ve been working here for a little over a
year, since we came to Ashland.”
    “Where did you live before?”
    “King, Pennsylvania.”
    “Do you

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