Chat by Theresa Rite Read Free Book Online

Book: Chat by Theresa Rite Read Free Book Online
Authors: Theresa Rite
    I shrugged, glancing at the camper. “Okay. We’re just getting to know each other. Random stuff about our jobs, our lives. Nothing heavy. I need a drink,” I added, climbing to my feet. “Come on, it’s movie time.”
    Something about her “okay” was suddenly so sexy that my dick decided to grow a mind of its own. I adjusted myself and cleared my throat. The overwhelming protectiveness was a new feeling that I couldn’t shake; I tucked my arm around her shoulders, leading her toward the camper.
    My parents had upgraded their camper two years ago, and this Winnebago was roomier and carried the latest technologies. The flat screen TV was mounted onto the wall, and I connected to the Wifi from the main house.
    “This place is nicer than my apartment,” Sandy breathed, moving toward the kitchen. “God, these cabinets. Oak?”
    “Yeah. And the recessed lighting is nice.” I ran my hand along the beige, leather couch. “Mom and Dad have waited a long time for this.”
    “I’m so happy for them.” She pulled off her hooded sweatshirt, gathering her hair into a ponytail. “They look good. Your dad felt thin though, when he hugged me.”
    I nodded, watching as her breasts pushed against her thin, white t-shirt while she worked at gathering her curls into place. She’d thrown on a pair of those thin, black pants that she wore to yoga every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and her feet were bare.
    The swelling in her cheek and eye had gone down measurably, but the purple ring that remained refueled my temper every time I looked her way.
    As though she could feel me staring, she gave up on the ponytail and left her hair down to surround her face. “Okay, I think we’re on to number five. A New Beginning .”
    I reached for the remote, nodding toward the bottle I’d picked up from the liquor store earlier. “Do you want to play the game?” We’d usually do a shot for every Jason kill, but she shook her head firmly.
    She stood and began opening kitchen cabinets. “ I want to be drunk before the opening credits. And Jason had no kills in this one. It ended up being Roy.”
    “ Right. Easy there, boozer,” I chided with a laugh, but I heard the seriousness in her tone.
    “Sho t glasses. Check. George Brewer, you’re a man after my own heart,” she murmured my dad’s name as she reached for the glasses.
    As the movie began, we settled onto the couch with an oversized throw blanket. I ordered the pizza to be delivered directly to the backyard, but Sandy ignored the slice I served her.
    Halfway through the movie, we’d both had several shots.
    “You need to eat.”
    She turned to my voice, but only snuggled closer to my chest. “Not hungry.”
    My phone lit up and buzzed on the table before us, and she sat forward.
    “Is that Carissa?” s he asked, nodding toward my iPhone.
    I saw the Facebook banner roll across my screen. “Yeah. I’ll talk to her later.”
    “No, don’t do that,” she slurred, sitting up and turning the volume down on the little TV. “Ask her what she’s doing.”
    I could tell by her voice that the alcohol was definitely affecting her. Narrowing my eyes, I typed the response quickly with my phone.
    We half-heartedly watched the movie for about ten seconds, and my phone lit up again.
    Carissa Steel: Just got home from a long day, relaxing in a hot bath. This feels amaaaaazing.
    Sandy cringed, and then blew a drunken raspberry as she burst out laughing. “Ah-maaaaaaazing,” she mocked, slurring a lot heavier now.
    “San.” I spoke under my breath, and she rolled her eyes.
    “Okay, ask her if she’s alone.”
    I sighed, typing quickly.
    Jason Brewer: Nice. Are you alone?
    Carissa Steel: All alone. Just listening to some Nickleback.
    Sandy read over my shoulder, and then proceeded to gag theatrically. “Jesus. She’s a douche. A she-douche.”
    “Come on.” I narrowed my eyes, irritated. “Give her a break.”
    “Okay, ask her if

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