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Book: Chat by Theresa Rite Read Free Book Online
Authors: Theresa Rite
she’s holding a book, or if her hands are free?”
    I listened to her, flashing her a slow grin. “That’s good.”
    “So fucking type.”
    Jason Brewer: Are you holding a book, or are your hands free?
    We both waited for what seemed like an eternity.
    Finally, she replied.
    Carissa Steel: I’m holding my phone, silly. But… my right hand is free. I just put it under the water.
    “Thundercats a go!” Sandy whooped, giggling and reaching for the bottle of Patron.  “Now we’re talking. Tell her to do what you told me to do.”
    The fact that she brought up our chat floored me. I held my breath, and she tilted her head back to down another shot.
    “This is uncomfortable.”
    “Why? You want to jerk off? I can leave the camper. Or cover my eyes.” She laughed again, those long, dark lashes batting my way. “Or I can help you.”
    Holy fucking hell.
    I’d had a few shots, but it took about five full seconds for me to process what she was suggesting.
    A threesome? With Sandy… and my iPhone?
    “Go on, you’d better write her back. She’s waiting.”
    I took a deep breath, texting rapidly.
    Jason Brewer: What am I seeing?
    Carissa Steel: My legs… are wet. I lit a candle before I got in. It’s flickering against the wall. My legs look long and tan.
    I was hard. I was thirty-five fucking years old and unable to control myself over a few short sentences.
    Sandy turned the TV off, sending the camper into darkness. “Just setting the mood, Brew.”
    “I can’t do this.”
    “Why?” She whined.
    “Because you’re here. It’s too fucking weird.”
    She looked stunned for a moment, and then backed away. All the laughter left her eyes.
    “Was it weird when we were chatting?”
    “No, it was really hot, San. I already told you that.”
    “Then what’s the problem?”
    “The problem is that I have this girl in her bathtub, touching herself, and you sitting right here, and me running the whole fucking show. That’s a lot of goddamn pressure, okay?”
    She smiled shyly, scooting back on the bed. “I’m not here. Pretend I’m not here.”
    “I want to watch you. I want to see what I couldn’t see… the other night.”
    I couldn’t answer her. Carissa was writing again.
    Carissa Steel: Do you… like what you see?
    I turned away from Sandy, and I unzipped my jeans.
    I heard her sharp intake of breath as I let my erection spring free, running my thumb over the tip of my cock.
    Jason Brewer: Touch your breasts.
    Carissa Steel: I am touching them… and my nipples are really hard, Jason. My breasts are really big. I’m touching my nipples now.
    I began to thrust my cock into my hand, barely able to type with the other.
    Jason Brewer: Pinch one hard.
    Carissa Steel: I did… it hurt, but it felt so good…
    Sandy moved, and drew my attention toward the camper bed.
    She slid her hand down the front of her sweatpants, and I dropped my phone to the floor of the camper.
    “ Off ,” I managed to growl, gripping her by the ankles and nearly ripping the pants from her body. She moaned, her soft fingers wrapping around my cock.
    “ Jason… oh, my God, ” she managed with a fascinated breath, and the genuine shock in her voice drove me fucking crazy. I tore at the lacy scrap of fabric covering her thighs, and she arched her back to give me better access.
    As the thong ripped in two pieces, we both stilled, staring into each other’s eyes through the shadowy camper.
    She took my hand in hers, finding my index finger and dragging it across her naked abdomen.
    “If you cross this line, we can’t go back.”
    Never had a few words nearly made me come. I felt the pad of her thumb rub over the tip of my cock, and I pushed into her hand.
    My breath hitched on my words. “ I should have crossed this line a long time ago.”
    She released me and gathered the base of her white t-shirt, pulling it up and over her head. Her breasts poured over

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