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Book: Chat by Theresa Rite Read Free Book Online
Authors: Theresa Rite
the cups of her bra, and I dipped my hand inside, freeing each one before rolling her nipple beneath my thumb.
    She was so goddamn beautiful.
    “Oh God, Jason, ” she mewled, and fuck if I didn’t almost come against her thigh. Freezing, I met her eyes.
    “Don’t touch me when I kiss you,” I whispered, bowing my head to meet her lips. “ Okay?”
    She nodded, and I lowered my lips to hers.
    Her tongue tangled with mine and tasted like tequila and heaven. I claimed her mouth as her breaths became mine, fitting my hips into hers and rocking with every plunge. The heat from between her thighs burned, hot and wet and waiting, and I moaned into her mouth.
    When she threaded her hands through my hair, I turned my head to grasp one of her hands, drawing it to my mouth.
    I slowed my kiss over her wrist, a feathery pressure that made her moan. “I’m going to touch you, Sandy. Stop me if you want to. Understand?”
    She nodded, barely able to make a sound. “ Yes .”
    I kissed her mouth again and reached down between us. Sliding my hand over her flat belly, I settled over her patch of silken heat. I pressed the base of my hand firmly against her, parting her lips and pushing a finger inside. She let go of my kiss, throwing her head back and digging her fingers into my hair.
    “God,” I hissed, barely able to fit two fingers in her welcoming body. She uttered a cry of pleasured pain, and the tightness of her wracked my mind with what was to come. “ Am I hurting you? ”
    “ No ,” she cried, moving against my hand. I trailed kisses along her jaw, her bruised neck, and when I took her nipple into my mouth, her pussy clenched around my fingers.
    I found exactly the right place to drive her crazy in my arms.
    “ What are you… doing to me…, ” she cried, writhing beneath me.
    “Does that feel good?” I urged, curling my fingers and pressing even deeper.
    “ Oh God… Jason… I’m coming ,” she managed, and the rhythmic throbbing of her muscles knocked me senseless.
    I watched her face, the pleasure that made her eyelashes flutter, and her beautiful release as she soaked my hand.
    Jesus . Kissing her had taken me to a completely different state of mental consciousness, and primal needs took over my thought process. I was proud of the way that I owned her body, knowing exactly the right way to touch her to make her crazy.
    “ I want to feel that on my cock,” I demanded. “Ride this out, I’m going to make you come again.”
    She could barely breathe. I gripped both of her knees and opened her wide, the moonlight flooding through the windows and illuminating her beautiful body. I kissed my way down her body, over her chest, her breasts, and her stomach.
    “ Jason ,” she panted as I dropped my kisses to the soft, damp heat between her thighs.
    She was already panting as I used two fingers to spread her open. Lowering my face to her heat, I drew a line with my tongue before licking. She grew even louder, her hands locking in my hair.
    “N o one… has ever… done this… to me before, ” she halted, breathless, jerking as I flicked my tongue against her clit.
    I stopped, unable to believe what she was saying.
    She’s never had oral sex?
    My mouth took over again as I spread her thighs even further and used my fingers. My tongue delved, sucking with my lips, my hands working purposefully. As she began to tighten around me, I moved away.
    She moaned with a disappointed sigh.
    “Lift your hips, babe,” I whispered, wrapping my arm under her back to help her. She was so fucking tight, and I didn’t want to hurt her. I held my cock, pressing against her opening.
    I didn’t need to ask her if she was on the pill. I knew she was. I knew everything about her after our trip to the hospital.
    I wasted no time going as deep as I could. She screamed, a pleasured cry that tightened my muscles and fucked with my mind.
    “You feel goddamn unbelievable,” I groaned, dropping my mouth to

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