Cherry Adair - T-flac 09

Cherry Adair - T-flac 09 by Edge Of Fear Read Free Book Online

Book: Cherry Adair - T-flac 09 by Edge Of Fear Read Free Book Online
Authors: Edge Of Fear

    Simple. No muss, no fuss.

    Technically, his first attempt to meet her—the one where she’d summarily slammed the door in his face—wouldn’t happen until tomorrow. He’d reversed time—did a TiVo, as his brother Duncan liked to say, to give it another shot.

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    Idiot. Of course she’d been scared. He’d heard it in her voice, and seen it clearly written on her face as she’d tried to close the door. Considering the people looking for her father, she should be freaking terrified. Heather had gone underground for a reason, and yet he’d tried to barge into her life as if he had the right to be there.

    His lips twitched toward a smile. He guessed he was every inch the moron she’d called him.

    Now that he understood her fear, Caleb had decided to shimmer back in time twenty-four hours.
    Hoping he’d have more luck if he approached her on neutral territory. The grocery store was a good place.

    But unfortunately, after chatting her up for less than a minute, he’d realized that Heather was nobody’s fool. She’d wanted nothing to do with him. She’d coolly blown him off and left the store without her basket of groceries.

    If at first, he thought grimly as he watched her, you don’t succeed—go back in time ten minutes and try again. Third time lucky.

    It had to be; he was running out of options.

    Except all those jumps so close together had drained him. All she had to do to get rid of him this time was blow hard. The thought of her anywhere near him with her lips puckered almost made him pass out right there.

    He shook his head. She was too rich for his blood. Her sticker price was way out of his league. She’d dated princes and dukes and captains of industry. She’d dined, and probably a whole lot more, with presidents and kings.

    Of course, he mused, watching the gentle sway of her hips as she walked, who gave a damn who she’d had dinner with, when she was naked in bed under him.

    He almost groaned. Not going to happen. Down boy.

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    If he wasn’t here to extract the intel on her father’s whereabouts from her, Caleb would have turned around and walked away. Fast. There were dozens of excellent reasons to avoid this woman.

    Besidesher high-society social circle.

    Besidesher father’s association with some of the most powerful and dangerous tangos in the world.

    Besidesher stratospheric D&B rating.

    Beside all of those pesky little impediments there was an even bigger deterrent. He was Cursed. And he had no intention of starting something he knew he’d never finish.

    No one had ever bucked the five-hundred-year-old family Curse, and he had no intention of trying.

    Still, she had an astonishing effect on his libido. His attraction to her was intense, and more powerful than anything he’d felt before. He’d walked away from women who’d held less of a temptation than Heather Shaw.

    But this was business. There was no walking away. Not until he had what he needed.

    He hoped like hell he got the intel fast.

    She picked up a container of hothouse strawberries. She’d turn the plastic box over—like that—to check the bottom for bad ones, then she’d bring it to her nose and inhale—like that. Then she’d put it in her basket. Just like that.

    Been here, done this.

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    Caleb reversed direction as she proceeded through the produce section—the selection process would take her just over seven minutes—and walked slowly down a parallel aisle.

    This time, he’d let her make the first move.

    Heather walked around the end of the tower of soup cans on special, heading for the bread aisle. To hell with the inflated price of the hothouse strawberries, she was in the mood to celebrate tonight. The ripe red berries sat beside an enormous baking

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