Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas

Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas by Jack Canfield Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Chicken Soup for the Soul Christmas by Jack Canfield Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jack Canfield
scraggly branch, stuck it in the snow, and made a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. As we decorated it, he looked at me and asked, ‘Auntie Di, are you okay?’”
    â€œI told him I’ve been worried about my friend because her mommy died, and her daddy’s been so sad that nobody knows what to do.”
    She described how the little boy paused for a moment, then said, “Well, of course the daddy’s sad. The mommy died!”
    His clear, child’s wisdom brought sudden tears for me as I listened.
    Then she shared his next words. “But God can make anything better, right Auntie Di? Tomorrow’s special because it’s Jesus’s birthday. I’m going to ask God to tell the Daddy that the Mummy is with Jesus, and that everything is going to be okay.”
    There was a long, teary silence on my end as she finished.
    On Christmas Eve, that little boy had offered his faith-filled, confident prayer, and that Christmas, through the power of such prayer, was a turning point for my dad. He will remember it always as the season when, warmed by the light of the world and touched by a little angel, he found the will to live.
    Phyllis Ring

Reprinted by permission of Off the Mark and Mark Parisi. © 2007 Mark Parisi.

Sarah’s Christmas Wish
    Sarah, my three-year-old daughter, wanted to see Santa before Christmas as this would be her first time to sit on his lap and tell him what she wanted. When my wife and I practiced with her, we would ask what she wanted Santa to bring, and she always responded, “I want a bear and presents.”
    So Sarah, her mom, and Grammy went to see Santa at the local mall. Sarah was ready. She confidently walked up to Santa when it was her turn. Mom and Grammy stayed back to take in the whole experience.
    She jumped up on Santa’s lap, and when he asked what she wanted for Christmas, she looked at him and gave her response. As soon as the words came out, Santa began to laugh uncontrollably. Sarah was bouncing up and down on his lap. Santa quickly regained his composure and again asked her what she wanted. She again told him her wish—and again he started to laugh!
    Getting a little nervous, Mom walked up to Santa and asked him what she had said.
    â€œI have never had a child ask for this before,” Santa replied between his chuckles. “When I asked her what she wanted me to bring her, she told me she wanted a beer!”
    William Livers

The Wish List
    With just a few weeks left before Christmas, I was overwhelmed with keeping up with my full-time job, housework, and all the preparations for the holidays. My five-year-old daughter, Nikki, was always right under my feet, trying to act older. She always wanted to “help” with everything.
    On this particular day, she was more of a hindrance than a help. “Why don’t you go write Santa a list of what you want for Christmas,” I suggested.
    â€œBut I want to help you,” she replied.
    Not being in the mood for a little “adult” following me, I answered, “Do as I say, Nikki. Go write a Christmas list for Santa.”
    â€œOkay,” she mumbled and ran up the stairs to complete her assignment.
    As I finished up the housework, I began to imagine the expensive items that would appear on her list. There would probably be a video system, a doll house, and maybe a new bike. Boy, I set myself up for that one!
    Later that night, I saw Nikki’s list on the table. There were only two words on it. “Nikki,” I yelled up the stairs, “come down here!”
    She flew down the stairs in her pajamas and looked up at me. I showed her the list and said, “Why do you have these two things on your list? You already have a dog and a cat.”
    â€œI know,” my little five-year-old said to me, “but they’re the only words I know how to spell.”
    Cheryl M.Kremer

Reprinted by permission of Off the Mark and Mark Parisi. © 2007 Mark

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