Choices by Annie Brewer Read Free Book Online

Book: Choices by Annie Brewer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Annie Brewer
like shit or tastes like feet. I have no idea what to expect, but I certainly hope it doesn’t last the entire nine months. I sit at lunch most days and either read my magazines or do homework to distract myself from feeling nauseous.
    “Well, well it looks like little Mrs. Prim and Proper isn’t so innocent is she?” And so it begins. Jana, the head of the cheerleading squad stands by our table-with her cheer bitches. They are all in cheer mode, hands on hips, chests sticking out. I wonder if they’re going to bust out in a cheer. Jana always liked Nick and hated me when we started dating. She has to know something.
    “Can I help you and your little posse? I’m kind of busy at the moment and don’t feel like socializing with a snob such as yourself.”
    She smirks at me. She’s a pretty girl if she wasn’t such a mean bitch. But she’ll never be anything more than that with that pissy face she shows all the time. “We’re not through here.” She stalks off. She sashays her perfect hips and her long platinum blonde hair that sways with her movement.
    “Okay then bye bye.” As they walk away Meg smiles at me. “Girl, you held your own. Great job. Maybe you’re not as fragile as we all thought you were. Not that I really thought that.” I look down at her tray and make a face.
    “Oh, my stomach is growling but nothing on that plate looks appetizing.” I open my purse and take out some saltine crackers. That’s all I ever eat lately. That and Ginger Ale. But frankly, I’m sick of those two things. I take a bite of my cracker, which tastes like cardboard.
    “It will get better Gracie. Hang in there.” I look at her and raise a brow.
    “How do you know?”
    “Uh, well I don’t exactly. I was just trying to make you feel better. But I can be brutally honest, if you like.” I stand up and grab my bag. “I’m going to my locker. I can’t sit here any longer and not eat, or just eat my crappy crackers. I’ll see you both later.” Meg gets up and takes her tray to the trash and dumps it.
    “Want us to come with you?” I shake my head. “No, I just need time alone for a little bit. I’ll see you in chemistry.” I walk through the hall to my locker. When I open it and exchange my books, I am hit with a sudden emotion I can’t control. I lean my back against the lockers and slide down to the floor, tears overtaking me. I guess I can’t control them all the time. Damn, I look like a weepy willow. It’s one of the worst things of pregnancy at this point. The doctor said all girls go through it. Lucky us. I’m never this emotional so it’s foreign to me and I’m not handling it all that well.
    “Excuse me?” I open my eyes and turn my head to the sound of the sexy deep voice I hear to my left. Am I dreaming? I sure feel like I’m dreaming. This guy standing in front of me now is not of this planet, I have to be dreaming. Wow. Oh God, I must look hideous. I stand up and clear my throat.
    “Hi.” He flashes a bright and perfect smile that lights up his face. Where did he come from?
    “Sorry to bother you. I was delivering coffee to my mother a nd saw you alone on the floor; crying. So I thought I’d check on you. I’m not a creepy stalker dude or anything.” I look at him confused. His mother?
    “And your mother would be?” I ask.
    “Mrs. Jenkins. Principle Jenkins, I mean.” A light bulb goes off as I realize who his mother is.
    “Holy shit, your mom is t he principle?” He raises an eyebrow and his top lip curls a little. Oh God, he is gorgeous!
    “Surprised?” Yeah, you’re too hot to be her son.
    “No, I just…it took me a minute to put two and two together. I’m a little slow.” And your beauty is distracting. I’m probably drooling in front of him like an idiot. I wipe my mouth just to be safe.

    Chapter 8
    “So what are you doing out here by yourself? And more importantly, why are you crying?” I look away afraid of looking into his gorgeous green-blue

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