Circle on Home (Lost in a Boom Town Book 5)

Circle on Home (Lost in a Boom Town Book 5) by MJ Fredrick Read Free Book Online

Book: Circle on Home (Lost in a Boom Town Book 5) by MJ Fredrick Read Free Book Online
Authors: MJ Fredrick
mind, and she slid off of him, back onto the seat.  
    “So much else has. I wondered.”
    “But you expected everything to be the same, right? That’s why you came back?”
    She didn't say anything, but the smile disappeared as she buckled into the passenger seat. “Familiar, maybe. Not the same. I’m not the same, so why should everything here be the same?”
    So had she come with him because she wanted something familiar? Was that good or bad? He wasn't sure how he felt about that, so he put the car in gear and drove back to town.

                              Chapter Four

    Miranda walked into the bakery the following morning. Even as late as it was, the place was hopping, and the display shelves were emptying out. Three women jostled behind the counter, hurrying to serve the line of people—families, men in jumpsuits, a woman in scrubs. Miranda wondered if she should come back, but she wanted to jump on this opportunity before someone else did. If last night showed her nothing, it showed her that.  
    She worked her way up to the counter and hoped she had figured out which one was Riley. It was weird, she knew, to want to be roommates with someone she didn't know, had never seen, but people in New York did it all the time. She figured Evansville, Texas was even safer.  
    “Hey, Riley,” she said to the woman in the red apron with a boot and flowers embroidered on it. “I’m here to answer your ad for a roommate.”  
    The young woman paused, tissue paper in hand, and Miranda could see her shifting gears. She put the tissue down.  
    “Um, okay. Who are you?”
    “Miranda Bonner. Allison Bonner’s sister.”
    Riley frowned. “I guess I didn't know she had a sister.”
    “I’ve been in New York City for a few years, but I’m home now.” Already she could feel her blood pressure lowering, her brain shifting from “Where do I need to be tonight?” to just being.
    “Um, okay. Well, can we meet, say, around four? Come back here and we’ll go over to the house and you can check it out.”
    “Do you have other interested parties?” Miranda needed to know after she agreed.  
    “I’ve had one other woman, who works at the hospital, but it's a four bedroom house, so that might make things even easier. Are you working?”
    “I, ah, that’s my next stop on Monday.”
    “What is it you do?”
    “I’m a lawyer.”
    Riley’s eyebrows went up. “That might come in handy.”
    Miranda gave a little chuckle. “That may be the first time I’ve heard that. I’ll come back after work, but I’ll take one of those chocolate filled doughnuts first.”
    She returned that afternoon, and while the place wasn't busy, a steady stream of customers still made their way through, despite the depleted stock in the glass case. Miranda took a seat at a table by the window, caught Riley’s gaze. Riley nodded, indicating she’d be over in a minute. Miranda debated ordering one of the iced cookies that looked too pretty to eat. But she’d have more than her quota of sugar for the day.  
    Probably for the week.
    “Hey, sorry about the wait.” Riley approached, wiping her hands on her apron before she sat across from Miranda. “So, Miranda? Cindy Bonner’s daughter?”
    Miranda smiled. “You know my mother.” Not that it was a big surprise, in a small town, and her mother seemed to have a hand in everything.  
    “She’s one of my best customers. She’s here every day.”
    Miranda hoped she didn't ruin that relationship by moving in with Riley.
    “Did she tell you I was looking for a roommate?”
    “No, no, she doesn't know I’m looking. I haven't actually told her I’m staying in town.”
    “Why are you staying? I mean, I got the idea that you were living the life in New York City.”
    “I’m ready to simplify.”
    “And the hottie you were with at the Sagebrush last night? Anything to do with that?”
    Miranda blushed, reminding herself that everything was open to

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