City Woman

City Woman by Patricia Scanlan Read Free Book Online

Book: City Woman by Patricia Scanlan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Patricia Scanlan
had begun proceedings to dissolve their partnership.

    ‘We are making our final approach to London Heathrow. Please fasten your seat belts for landing and put your seats in an upright position.’ At the
stewardess’s announcement Devlin felt knots of apprehension grip her stomach. It had been a real spur-of-the-moment decision to fly to London and, now that she was here, she wondered if she
had made a big mistake. Maybe Luke would just tell her to get lost. He hadn’t bothered to return her calls and their respective solicitors were currently working on the dissolution of their
    She couldn’t let it end like this. Not in bitterness and anger. Luke meant too much to her for that. But what would she do if he refused to see her? He had become so much a part of her
life: always there, as a sounding board and supporter. She couldn’t envisage running City Girl Ltd without him. She had taken him for granted for so long that it was something of a shock to
realize just how much she depended on him. She had been so busy she had never really given too much thought to their relationship. But one thing she knew very well – she did not want to lose
Luke’s friendship.
    She phoned his apartment immediately after disembarking but there was no answer. She glanced at her watch and calculated that he was probably on his way to the office. It was just gone
    After she had cleared customs, she took a taxi and gave the address of Luke’s office. It felt strange to be sitting in one of the big black London cabs again. Not that she’d been
able to travel around in them that much when she’d lived in London. Money had been very tight: it had been the bus and tube for her then. To think that she had worked here, lived here and
given birth to Lynn here. It all seemed so long ago. She had taken her baby home to Dublin to give her a better life. Perhaps if she had stayed in London, her daughter would still be alive. Tears
smarted at the back of her eyes and her heart ached with an unbearable longing. Whoever said time healed was a liar. Subdued and getting more tense by the minute, Devlin was sorely tempted to tell
the taxi-driver to turn around and bring her back to Heathrow.
    By the time she got to the impressive block that housed Luke’s offices she was feeling really nervous. A quick glance in her mirror told her that outwardly she looked fine and showed no
hint of the turmoil that churned her up inside. She retouched her lipstick, paid the taxi-driver, took a deep breath and walked up the marble steps of the building. Now that
was here,
she wondered where Luke was. He could be at a meeting or on site. But surely if he’d been away on a business trip until Friday night he would stop by the office first thing on a Monday
morning. Well, she’d find out in just a few moments, she thought wryly as the lift rose silently to the top floor where Luke’s offices were.
    ‘Can I help you?’ a pleasant young receptionist asked her.
    ‘Sally, could you type this up immediately; Mr Reilly needs it.’ A tall thin model-like blonde had come out from an inner office. Devlin recognized Luke’s PA, Dianne.
    The blonde woman’s thinly plucked eyebrows arched questioningly. And then she too recognized Devlin.
    ‘Oh Miss Delaney,’ she said coolly. ‘Can I help you?’
    ‘I’d like to see Luke for a few minutes if you could tell him I’m here,’ Devlin said, marvelling at how normal her voice sounded.
    ‘He has meetings scheduled for the whole morning. I could try and fit you in later in the week – perhaps Wednesday?’ Dianne said crisply.
    ‘If you would kindly tell him I’m here, I’d be much obliged,’ Devlin said firmly, holding the other woman’s stare. She was damned if she was going to be intimidated
by this creature.
    ‘Dianne, I need Van der Voek’s – Devlin! What are you doing here?’ Luke was standing at the door staring at her.
    Devlin’s heart skipped a beat. ‘I

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