Claimed by the Billionaire: Lust #2

Claimed by the Billionaire: Lust #2 by Danielle Jamesen Read Free Book Online

Book: Claimed by the Billionaire: Lust #2 by Danielle Jamesen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Danielle Jamesen
interesting. After over ten years together, we had barely slept together except
once or twice a year.
    Bradley took me in a
way that made me feel sexy and like a woman. Every time I thought I had gotten
out or had plans to get out, I was pulled back in and ended up back with him.
Once again, in the quietness of my room, I tried to tell myself that I was
making too many mistakes with this. I needed to slow down and think it over.
But any time he touched me, it was as though my brain melted and could no
longer think far ahead. I fell asleep, second guessing everything.
    “Are you sure you’re
okay with this?” Bradley asked me the next morning.
    I waved my hand, “I’m
fine.” I lied.
    We were in his office
and he had made extra coffee. He claimed it was for me but he seemed to be
guzzling it. Bradley was clearly nervous. The last thing I wanted to do was
make him worry by admitting that I was nervous too. The last thing I wanted was
for Winter to know I was recording her. I hoped that I could play it smoothly
enough so she wouldn’t know. I felt slightly ridiculous, worrying about this as
though we were in a low budget spy movie. But if Bradley got evidence of her
saying she hired people to spy on him…it’d be enough to end the divorce for
    “Listen, just…try to
act casual.” Bradley said, running his hands through his hair.
    “Will you calm down?” I
said, my nerves getting the best of me, “It’ll be okay.”
    His phone went off and
he glanced down at it, “I have to take this,” He looked back up at me, “It’ll
be okay.” He sounded as though he was reassuring himself more than me.
    Bradley walked by me
and stopped and kissed me. It was soft, not like the passionate kisses we had
before we would have sex, but the gentleness of it sent shivers through me. He
walked into his separate room in his office and I could hear him talking
business. I went back to my desk.
    At around noon, I went
off to the café. Bradley gave me a nervous hug. It was more affection that I
had gotten from him so freely than ever. I wondered if it was just nerves or
something else. But I decided that now was not the time to worry about that. As
I stepped into the café, I saw Winter in the same spot she had been last time.
Her hair was up in a bun this time and she was wearing all black and white.
Between her hair and the white, it seemed to make her skin look pale and
somewhat pasty. I realized that she was trying to hide bags under her eyes from
not sleeping well but the makeup wasn’t working. Her hands were also stroking a
cigarette, as though she wanted one very badly.
    As I walked over, I
made sure to have my phone in my hand, the recording device on in it. I slid
into the seat across from her. I wanted to act like I had yesterday, hopefully
not making her be suspicious of anything. The waiter came over and Winter
ordered coffee again. This time I ordered a coffee as well, deciding I’d just
eat at my desk after and it’d keep the tab low if she stuck me with it again.
    “So,” Winter said,
without any preamble, “Have you decided?”
    “On?” I replied,
playing dumb.
    Winter rolled her eyes,
“On if you’re going to help me with Bradley.”
    I had to get her on
tape saying it or she could mean anything, “I still don’t know if I feel
comfortable with spying on Mr. Gable.”
    “Then is that your
answer? You don’t want to spy on him for me? Listen,” Winter leaned forward, “I
told you. Anything you get that helps me, I’ll give you five grand. I know you
aren’t getting that sort of money from him.”
    “What gets me the five
    Her perfume slid over
me in a slow haze, clogging my nostrils and I tried not to cough as she
replied, “If he’s seeing someone. Where he’ll be so I can run into him. What he
says about me.”
    I pretended to consider
it, “Okay.”
    Winter leaned back, a
smile on her face, “That’s perfect. Listen, I gotta go,” She stood up now and

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