Claimed (The Women of Wintercrest #3)

Claimed (The Women of Wintercrest #3) by Maggie Ryan Read Free Book Online

Book: Claimed (The Women of Wintercrest #3) by Maggie Ryan Read Free Book Online
Authors: Maggie Ryan
really like ice-cream.”  Charles chuckled.
    “Then, my dear girl, you shall have a double scoop,” Charles said.  Lucy accepted her cloak from Molly and saw the girl smiling at her.  Lucy allowed Charles to drape the material around her shoulders and then turned to say good-bye to her sister.  When she saw Louisa’s wistful face, Lucy’s pleasure dropped.  She realized that her sister very rarely left the confines of her home. 
    “May Louisa go with us, Professor Lloyds?” Lucy asked.  Charles looked down at the small hand she had placed on his arm.  He felt a moment of regret but smiled at her upturned face.
    “Of course she may, if that is what you wish and Edward agrees,” Charles said and turned to Edward.  “Perhaps you’d both like to walk with us?”  Edward was once more impressed with the young man.  He had also seen his wife’s disappointment and had been proud of her for not whining or showing her disappointment other than the sadness obvious if one looked closely into her eyes. 
    “I’m sure Louisa would love that, Charles,” Edward said and could sense his wife holding her breath in anticipation.  “We will join you for a little while , though I’m afraid we must return soon, as it will be time for Louisa to go to bed.”  Louisa flushed, but didn’t protest, her small body almost quivering with delight.  “Molly, please bring Louisa’s cape as well,” Edward said.  When the maid reappeared, Edward draped it across his wife’s shoulder and bent to whisper in her ear.
    “You’ve been a very good girl as well, little lady,” he said , and saw her smile.
    “Thank you, Papa,” she said , not even hesitating to address her husband as he preferred.  If Charles wondered at the address, he wisely said nothing.  He tucked Lucy’s hand in the crook of his arm and soon the four were walking down the sidewalk towards the city park.  Louisa watched her sister as she listened attentively to whatever Charles was saying.  She turned to her husband.
    “This is wonderful, Papa, thank you,” she said again.  Edward squeezed her hand and smiled.
    “You are welcome.  I know your life can be difficult at times, but want you to understand that I appreciate it when my little lady works hard to be a good girl.  Lucille has been very well behaved since her last paddling.  I believe she will also work hard on being a proper young woman and deserves a bit of fun as a reward,” Edward said. 
    Louisa smiled and enjoyed the evening.  The air was brisk, but her cloak assured she wouldn’t chill too much.  Her husband kept her safely beside him, her hand never allowed to slip from his arm.  When they reached the ice-cream stand, Edward bought her a double-dip of strawberry ice cream and watched as her tiny tongue darted out to lick up the creamy treat before withdrawing back between her full lips.  His cock instantly grew hard in his pants and he saw her face flush when her eyes met his.
    “We shall finish our treat on our way home, Charles,” Edward said.  “I trust you to have Lucille home within the hour.”  Lucy was very surprised to find Edward allowing her to remain in the park , but said nothing, as she had no desire to question his unexpected leniency.
    “Certainly, Edward,” Charles agreed.  “Thank you for a lovely evening.  Good night, Lady Wintercrest,” he said as he gave her a small bow.  Louisa smiled and thanked him as well.  She tucked her hand into her husband’s arm as he led her back the way they had come.  The cone was soon consumed and as they reentered their home, Edward bent to wipe her mouth with his handkerchief.
    “Go with Mrs. Bremmer, little lady,” he said.  She smiled and ran her fingertips over his cheek.
    “Thank you, Papa,” she whispered and went up onto her tiptoes to brush her lips across his.  They were still chilled from the ice cream and Edward felt his cock twitch again.  He knew his own little one would soon be suckling

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