Cold Blooded

Cold Blooded by Amanda Carlson Read Free Book Online

Book: Cold Blooded by Amanda Carlson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amanda Carlson
be able to detect it.
    We hit it at 120 miles per hour.
    A huge sound, like a sledgehammer crashing down on a mountain of glass, echoed around us. I instinctively covered my face with both forearms, expecting the windshield to spray us, but it held. There was a blast of red light, which must have come from the witches, and electricity shot through me like a bolt of white-hot lightning.
    As we broke through to the other side, the force of it pinned me back in my seat, taking my breath.
    The car had absorbed the brunt of the impact, or we would’ve fried in our seats. “Thank goodness this car is spelled,” I called over the ebbing noise of crunching glass and metal as we sped away.
    “We should be less detectable now that we’re out of their enclosure,” Rourke said. He took the next curve at a hundred and the car slid sideways. “Tally guaranteed on her life this car was spelled. Your signature will be cloaked as long as you stay inside.” He turned to glance at me briefly, his eyes blazing. “Angie dies if I ever see her again.”
    As nice as that was to hear, I pointed ahead. “We’ve got company.” Roughly three blocks ahead, a wall of sorcerers blocked the road. There was no doubt they were sorcerers because they were all bald and were decked out in flowing robes. Plus they all held wicked-looking staffs pointed directly at us. “My signature may be cloaked, but this car is not invisible,” I said. “These guys can see us just fine.”
    “These cowards were positioned here to keep the shield up, nothing more.” Rourke stamped on the accelerator and the Porsche sprang forward. The speedometer jumped to 140 as we closed in.
    We were on them in seconds. They scattered, springing out of the way, swinging their staffs in unison. Blue light shot out of the tips, consuming the car as we sped past.
    The force of the combined hit brought the tires temporarily off the ground.
    “Is the car going to hold?” I yelled, grabbing on to the door.
    “We’re about to find out.” Rourke gnashed his teeth.
    Magic vibrated all around us, sounding like cymbal crashes in my eardrums. I wasn’t sure if the witches’ spell on the car would hold against this many sorcerers firing at the same time. I fumbled for the handle, pushing power out of me in a rush, channeling it into the frame of the car. Help me fortify this. It may not work, but we have to give it a try. My wolf was one step ahead of me, fueling energy through us so quickly I felt light-headed as a mountain of gold strands erupted in my mind. My power signature was the color of sunlight. Aim it outward.
    It was a simple transfer of power.
    The car took it greedily.
    I think it’s working. The car, which had glowed blue with the sorcerers’ magic for a moment, now turned a hazy golden yellow. There was a sizzling sound as the spell disintegrated completely and the car returned to its normal color, thank goodness, because driving around in a glowing car would be a problem.
    Rourke’s foot hadn’t moved off the accelerator. It was too early in the morning for anyone to be up, so the streets were fairly clear, which was a lucky break. I glanced out the back window, but the sorcerers were long gone and no one appeared to be following us.
    I eased back in my seat, relaxing my death grip on the door handle. “What’s the plan?” I asked as Rourke made several quick turns.
    “We head out of town. I don’t know how far the sorcerers’ magic network stretches, but I know they need physical bodies to amplify their power. Without it they’re weak. That’s why there were so many of them maintaining the barrier. Once we’re out of the city limits, if you stay in the car, it will be almost impossible for them to track us.” Rourke’s gaze was locked on the rearview mirror. “We’re heading south now.” He finally turned to me. “I say we continue until we hit the Ozarks.”
    My hands tingled with leftover adrenaline and I wrung them absentmindedly. We’d

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