Cold Hard Cash: Los Angeles Bad Boys

Cold Hard Cash: Los Angeles Bad Boys by Frankie Love Read Free Book Online

Book: Cold Hard Cash: Los Angeles Bad Boys by Frankie Love Read Free Book Online
Authors: Frankie Love
chance a long time ago.
    His jeans are slung low on his hips, and a deep V leads down to something I know will be very good, but I don’t have the nerve to make that move. I don’t know how much tequila I’d need for that sort of bravery—the kind that would give me the resolve to unbutton his jeans and slide them off and reach for the hardness that I feel against me, that I want inside me.
    He will need to make some of those moves on his own, because even now, with his fingers reaching for my bra clasp, with me sliding it off and my breasts falling from the cups, I can hardly breathe. I’ve forgotten again. But I don’t need to go outside for fresh air.
    I just want his oxygen.
    I kiss him, deeply, running my hand through his hair, over the shaved sides, and then the longer strands on top. I hold onto his hair, my mouth filled with his warm tongue, his soft lips, his breath. I pull him closer to me.
    “Oh, girl,” he moans, his hands on my breasts, his fingers running over my hard nipples. My pussy tightens—because, oh, it feels so good when he caresses me with such devotion. I swear it’s like he only has eyes for me, like he sees me as more than a hook-up—which I know we aren’t. But, as he touches me, it almost feels holy.
    “Do what you want with me, Cash. Please.” I’m begging him, because I know being with him is going to be a heck of a lot better than the rabbit vibrator in my dresser drawer.
    He doesn’t hesitate; it’s like something has been unleashed when I give him complete control. He picks me up, his hands tight against my ass, and my legs wrap around him. He sets me down on the bed, my legs hanging off the edge, and he kneels down on the floor.
    “Aren’t you coming up here?” I ask, patting the mattress.
    “Not yet, honey. First I’m going down.”

Chapter Nine
    I tug down those panties , revealing a well-trimmed pussy dripping with desire. Spreading her knees apart, I dip my mouth between her thighs, my fingers running across her skin, so soft and smooth.
    My tongue presses against her tender clit, rolling in circles over her throbbing bulb. Wanting to make her body tremble in pleasure, I run my tongue up and down the length of her gap, and she moans above me, her knees instinctively drawing together—because this amount of pleasure feels forbidden, feels too good to be true.
    But it isn’t.
    “Your cunt is perfection,” I tell her.
    “Cash.” She laughs softly, and I feel her vibrations as I press my mouth back on her mound. “I can’t believe you used that word.”
    That gets me up, moving above her body, and I grab her hands, pin them above her head. Her perfect tits press against my bare chest and I want to press my mouth against them, too, but first I have to clear the fucking air.
    “Oh, girl, your cunt is perfection. I want to press my fingers in it until you soak these sheets.”
    “Not the word perfection , the c-word.”
    “You don’t like the word cunt?” I ask, smiling above her, watching her cheeks redden as she bites her bottom lip.
    “I don’t know. I’ve never actually heard a guy say it.”
    “What do you want me to call your pussy?” I ask, raising my eyebrows as I straddle her, my hands moving over her tits. They’re so perky and round and begging to be sucked. I lean my mouth over one, twirling her hard nipple in my mouth as she squirms in delight.
    “Call my pussy anything you want, Cash. I like everything that comes out of your mouth.”
    “You like it dirty?” I ask. “Because I don’t know if you can handle how dirty we could make this.” I smile down at her, teasing.
    “Do I get to see your cock?” she asks.
    I press my mouth against hers. Maybe it’s the way she surprised me with her shots of tequila, or the way the word cock comes out of her parted lips with such a sweet inflection, but I need to kiss her.
    I swear I could fucking lose my load before I get my cock out of my pants, but I have to kiss her. Again. More.

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