Come Home

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline Read Free Book Online

Book: Come Home by Lisa Scottoline Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lisa Scottoline
came here? She doesn’t have any parents anymore. Now she’s an orphan, right?”
    “She is,” Jill answered, touched that Megan would even think of Abby at a time like this. Jill gave her another hug. “She invited us to a memorial service this afternoon, if you feel up to going. We can go after practice. It’s at three o’clock.”
    “I can go, I’ll go.” Megan looked uncertainly from Jill to Sam, wiping her eyes. “Right? Okay? Do you guys think that’s okay, or weird?”
    Jill stroked Megan’s cheek. “I think it’s okay, and it makes sense.”
    Sam nodded. “Agree. I don’t think it’s weird, at all. I can’t go with you, I have a meeting with a colleague. Your Mom said you guys can go alone, but I’ll cancel if you want me to come with you.”
    “No, thanks, okay.” Megan turned to Jill, keeping tears at bay. “Mom? Right? Do you want to go? I mean, I know you didn’t love William anymore, and you got mad at him, from the divorce.”
    Jill gave her a squeeze. “That doesn’t matter now. Of course I want to go, and I’ll take you.”
    “I don’t really know why I want to, exactly.” Megan rubbed her cheeks, covering her braces with her lips again. “I just think that it’s the right thing to do. Like Grandma would say, I should pay my respects.”
    Jill felt pleased, thinking of her mother, who had passed away five years ago. Jill still missed her, every day. “I think Grandma would be so proud of you, right now.”
    Megan turned to Sam, with a sniffle. “I feel so bad about what I said, it was dumb. I love you, Sam, even though you’re my stepfather—oh, Jeez, you know what I mean, right?”
    “Yes, and I love you, too.” Sam opened his arms, and Megan threw her arms around him. He gave her a big bear hug. “I love you very, very much. We love each other, and nothing else matters.”
    Jill felt tears spring to her eyes. She couldn’t wish for a better stepfather to Megan. Sam’s calm manner was the perfect antidote to their mother-daughter drama, and he helped Megan with her homework, drove her to practice when Jill couldn’t, and was even teaching her photography. Suddenly Megan’s phone rang, a new Lady Gaga ring tone, and its screen lit up with a photo of Megan’s best friend, Courtney.
    Megan let go of Sam. “Oh, no. Mom, can I get that? She’s calling to tell me they’re on their way.”
    Jill hesitated. “Sure, get it.”
    “Thanks, I’ll go into your bathroom. I won’t be long, I have to get ready.” Megan grabbed the phone, pressed a button, and left the bedroom, saying, “Court, you wanna hear something totally weird and horrible?”
    The bathroom door closed, Beef went back to sleep, and Jill eyed Sam. “That was okay, to let her take the call, I figure.”
    “Sure. Let her talk it over with Courtney.” Sam put an arm around her, and Jill felt a twinge.
    “She’s upset, but she’s keeping it in.”
    “She’ll process it her own way. She’ll talk to Courtney and her pals on the team. Isn’t that what girls do?” Sam made a talking mouth with his hand. “Yakety-yak?”
    “Is it wrong to miss the days when she yakked about it with me?”
    “No.” Sam put an arm around her. “She’s reached that age, honey. I saw it with Steve, too, but I know it’s not the same as a mother and daughter. You guys are closer than we were, because of all those shoes.”
    Jill smiled. She knew he was trying to cheer her up.
    “And to her credit, that’s why she chose to go to the memorial service. She’s growing up, and you take the good with the bad.” Sam gave her a squeeze, and suddenly Jill realized that it had gotten quiet in the bathroom. Megan had stopped talking on the phone.
    Jill rose. “Did she hang up?”
    Sam looked over, and Jill heard a noise in the bathroom and knew what it was, instinctively. A muffled sob. The loss of William had just hit Megan, and she’d started to cry.
    “Mom?” Megan called out, her voice choked with sobs. “I need

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