Comin' Home to You

Comin' Home to You by Dustin Mcwilliams Read Free Book Online

Book: Comin' Home to You by Dustin Mcwilliams Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dustin Mcwilliams
knew true bliss was nigh. But as he waited for it to take effect, he could hear the grunting sounds of the distributor and skin slapping against each other. Patricia’s moans, though quiet and timid at the start, picked up in zeal as the fucking progressed. He immediately wondered what the fuck he was thinking for even allowing this. But then the heroin kicked in. He no longer cared.
    Seeing the opportunities in front of her, Patricia began prostituting herself out for more cash and drugs, no longer even asking for her fiancé’s permission. Seeking his own payback, Owen bedded many other women during a yearlong span. At first, it was fun to be constantly high and having a new woman riding him every night. But what once was an exciting new way of life slowly unraveled into a fucked up state. Each new partner went from elating him to deadening his soul. He was seeing his daughter less and less. If they weren’t doing drugs together or infrequently being parental figures to their daughter, he never spent any time with Patricia. How they were even still a couple was a mystery. Rumors were spreading about how easy she was and the acts she would perform for drugs. He even heard gossip that made his skin crawl about how she fucked multiple men at once.
    But the rumor that broke the camel’s back was that she had fucked Roy Grayson. She denied a great deal of the chatter and even vehemently rebuffed the rumor of her and Roy, but just hearing his name and hers associated made him ill. All of this shit had reached the breaking point. Despite the cheating, drug addiction and squabbling between the two, something was still holding them together. One night, alone in the darkness, he had tied off a leather belt to his bicep. He put the prepped syringe needle on his exposed vein. But all he could think of were the happier times. There was something about being poor and struggling that kept them a closer knit family. All he longed for were the days before all of this started. To do that, a change had to be made. He let the syringe fall to the floor below him. He swore the next man to make an attempt of intercourse on his future wife would meet a brutal end.
    While he wasn’t the most ardent believer, Owen was sure God was smiling upon him, as it was the white powder heroin dealer, the man who implanted the idea of Patricia soliciting sexual favors for more product, who drove Owen over the edge. It had been a couple of years since their first meeting, but they usually met every month at the same hotel location. The couple entered the dealer's room, and as soon as they closed the door, the dealer confidently grabbed his crotch and asked Patricia for a blow job. It had become second nature for her that she mindlessly fell to her knees in front of him to perform the deed. Pride and anger came over him as he bellowed his opposition. Her lifeless eyes turned toward him, wide and unbelieving. He let his non-verbal motions speak, shaking his head gently. His own eyes doing their best to show reassurance. Candidly, the drug dealer asked Owen if he wanted to suck his dick instead. Driven into a berserker rage by the insult, he rushed to the dealer and began beating him senseless. He broke his nose and jaw with furious blows, as the dealer never had a moment to defend himself. Even today, Owen remembers the blood dripping off his fists. He didn’t stop until the distributor was a swollen and unconscious shell of his former self. Patricia’s hands were shaking. Her eyes raced from Owen to the bag of heroin on the hotel room table. 15 years later, he still remembered what she said with tears in her eyes.
    “You should have done that the first time!”
    She grabbed the heroin and sprinted out the door. Looking upon his deserving victim of his rage, he quickly realized that she had the keys to the truck. Patricia was already backing out before Owen somehow grabbed the passenger door handle and flung his body into the moving vehicle. As they drove

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