Commandant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 8)

Commandant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 8) by Jonathan P. Brazee Read Free Book Online

Book: Commandant (The United Federation Marine Corps Book 8) by Jonathan P. Brazee Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jonathan P. Brazee
the Federation along with its gratitude.  But she’d gone with her conscience and her dislike for the Federation.
    Picking up Major Pohlmeyer as they left the building, the now six men had been whisked back to the ship.  The cages were dropped, and within what had to be a record time of 37 minutes, the engines were fired up and the two ships pulled out of their berthing.  An almost unbearably long 98 minutes later, with Ryck expecting the arrival of Task Force 1.1 at any moment, the Third Fleet task force was sliding into bubble space.  It was only then that Ryck could start to relax and find out just what the heck was going on.
    And what was going on boggled his mind.
    First and foremost was the fact that there had been a cabal of Navy and Marine officers and senior enlisted, along with some members of the bureaucracy and even at least one ex-minster-level official, who were unhappy with the federal government and its increased suppression of the citizens, using the war with the Klethos as an excuse, much less the growing, but business-as-usual, revolving door between the top government officials and big business.
    Numbers within the loosely organized cabal had increased over recent incidents.  The “accident” that had claimed the FS Justice two years ago had been a summary execution ordered by the chairman himself when the ship’s CO, Commander Kurt Nilsson, refused to fire on striking workers on Rainment Haven (Brian Plummer swore out loud when Lester mentioned Commander Nilsson’s name, slamming his fist on the small conference table).  The Justice was a Third Fleet frigate, and when Admiral Chandanasiri had conducted an investigation, he’d been told to stand down by the chairman and why.  Only instead of bringing Chandanasiri into the fold, the Admiral had been alienated.  That was his crew that had been vaporized, his men.
    The problem with this cabal, if it even rated the term, was that it was powerless.  It had no organization, no focus.  While those who wanted a change were numerous, they didn’t know who else felt that way.  With the FCDC spies everywhere, to say anything to the wrong person would be a death sentence. 
    But Ryck’s open defiance had been too big to ignore, and the genie could not be shoved back into the bottle.  The government had to act quickly, and that meant arresting and putting Ryck on trial with a quick conviction followed by an equally quick execution and then worrying about damage control later.  There could be no Justice -style accident to take care of this problem.
    With the facts out in the open, Admiral Chandanasiri had taken a huge gamble.  Instead of surreptitiously feeling out his fellow fleet commanders or the Chief of Naval Operations, he’d placed a call to General Ukiah, knowing Ryck to be one of the commandant’s posse.  This was a huge leap of faith, and he was rewarded when General Ukiah expressed similar concerns about the Federation.  After the admiral had sent the commandant the evidence about the Justice , the general was fully on board.  The admiral put his handful of confidants into motion, disseminating the same Justice evidence, along with other documents he’d gathered over a long and distinguished career, and presented it to the fleet.  To his surprise, over 95% of the Third Fleet followed his lead, declaring themselves for, well, just for what wasn’t exactly delineated yet.  It was to save the Kravitch and the Temperance , and to rescue not only the sailors but also the famous Ryck Lysander and his Marines.  But the words “mutiny” and “revolution” were never mentioned.  It was a “rescue.”
    It was a clever sleight-of-hand, though.  Whether the words were used or not, that was exactly what it was.   With 25% of the Federation Navy suddenly refusing to follow orders or acknowledging the central government, it was a mutiny.  And when Ryck mentioned Major Pohlmeyer, that upped the ante.  With the Confederation

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