Compromising Positions

Compromising Positions by Mary Whitney Read Free Book Online

Book: Compromising Positions by Mary Whitney Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mary Whitney
Tags: Romance
    “That’s awful to be on crutches for that long. Once I broke my leg. Not being able to get around on two feet is really annoying.”
    “Yeah, tell me about it.”
    “I’m not sure about that sock you’ve got there,” he said, pointing to my foot. “I’m a Bears fan.”
    “Oh, that.” I laughed. “That’s Larry’s. Trish’s husband. He plays for the Cardinals. He’s pretending to be my trainer while I’m hurt.”
    “Larry Wingren?”
    “Yup. That’s him. He lives here in the off-season.”
    “He’s a great player. Big guy.”
    “Yes, he is. He’s got a heart of gold, too. I always say that only a man as big and big-hearted as Larry could handle Trish.”
    Michael chuckled. “Well, she is pretty formidable…”
    “That’s a good description of her. I know. I’m sorry.” I shook my head. “She was rude yesterday. It’s just the way she is. We’ve been friends since we were kids, and she’s very protective of me.”
    “That’s a good quality in a staffer.”
    “I suppose it is.”
    We were both laughing, and when our eyes met, his were twinkling. Twinkly Mr. Blue Eyes was even more disarming than plain old Mr. Blue Eyes. My cheeks began to heat again, but I wanted to keep up the twinkle. “I’ll tell her to go easy on you.”
    “Thank you. I’d appreciate it if you’d step in, especially if she threatens to sic her husband on me again.”
    “Oh, I wouldn’t let that happen.” I laughed, though it faded when I remembered I shouldn’t be giggly with a guy who hung out with Cathy Mathers. I had to know what, if anything, was going on between them. I tried to sound casual as I asked, “So, you’re friends with Cathy Mathers?”
    Good bye, twinkly baby blues. His expression became guarded, and then he let out a small, nervous laugh. “She’s a colleague and a fellow Republican.”
    “But do you like her? Is she your friend?”
    “Well, what do you think of her?”
    I crossed my arms. “What do you think I think of her?”
    “She’s probably not your favorite person in Congress, even before yesterday.”
    “You could say that.” I snorted. “And more.”
    “Like what?”
    “Before I get myself in trouble, will you please tell me if you’re friends?”
    “I barely know her,” he said.
    What did that mean? Like he wanted to know her better? She was pretty after all, even if she was, as my dad would say, one taco short of a combo plate. Or did Michael mean he knew her and didn’t like her, but didn’t want to say anything negative because they were both Republicans? I wasn’t sure what to say next, but I was saved by the bell, when the loud ringing came from the speaker above my wall clock, calling a vote on the House floor.
    Michael pointed to the clock up on the wall as I started to get up and said, “We have some time before we need to be down there.”
    “I actually don’t.” I winced as I moved my leg off its pillows. “I’ve got to get going. It takes me a while to get anywhere.”
    “Oh, of course, I’m sorry. Let me help you.”
    He offered his hand, which I gladly took, and he then supplied me with my crutches. Having a broken ankle was lousy, but I had to admit the special treatment from men was kind of nice. When I was up and had my balance, I took my glasses out of my suit jacket and put them back on.
    “Why do you wear glasses? You don’t seem to need them to read.” His voice was a little circumspect.
    “You’re right. I really don’t need them,” I said, as more of an apology. “I wear them because they make me look more serious… less like a kid. Please don’t tell anyone they’re fake.”
    “Of course not.” Then he laughed, “I think Sarah Palin does the same thing.”
    “Who knew I had something in common with her?”
    “I won’t tell anyone.” Then he winked. “Especially, Cathy Mathers.”
    “Thanks.” I laughed, hoping that was a sign of what he really thought of her.
    “Come on. I’ll walk you to

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