Conspiracies: The Facts * the Theories * the Evidence

Conspiracies: The Facts * the Theories * the Evidence by Andy Thomas Read Free Book Online

Book: Conspiracies: The Facts * the Theories * the Evidence by Andy Thomas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Andy Thomas
Tags: Social Science, Conspiracy Theories
theories is that they enable believers to put themselves at a more comfortable remove from harder everyday concerns. Some
    are drawn to belief in oppressive deception, either because (as
    previously noted) this situation is familiar to them from their
    own childhood, or because it fires them with a motivation to
    kick against something and thus develop their personality in new
    directions when this stimulus is otherwise lacking in their daily lives. However, the attraction to a good-against-evil psychological battle, while not without usefulness, can also result in an avoidance of attending to practical matters closer at hand.
    In the run-up to the much-discussed mystical date of 21
    December 2012, for example, with end-of-the-Maya-calendar
    doom-mongering rife in the alternative world, all number of
    imminent disasters were prophesied and speculated on. For all
    the attempted debunking, a 5,125-year cycle is, without doubt,
    embedded into several calendrical systems around the world and
    may speak of some wider cosmological or solar cycle, while the
    sense of a shift into a new era is certainly felt by many, even if the events may take decades to unfold. But by early 2012 some
    of the gloomier apocalyptic predictions which had been flagged
    up to occur before the December pivot had remained unfulfilled.
    Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of these were based on rapidly
    distributed internet rumours from general y unspecified sources
    – never an encouraging sign.
    One of the more sensationalist scares involved the return of the
    mythic planet Nibiru, based on a Sumerian legend concerning the
    Conspiracy.indd 27
    23/10/2012 15:42:20
    lost planet of the gods that, according to the late (and controversial) alternative historian Zecharia Sitchin, re-enters our solar system every few thousand years from a vast elliptical orbit, creating
    gravitational havoc and general upheaval as it does so. A specific take on this erupted in 2010–11, when an otherwise unremarkable
    comet named Elenin was widely endorsed as being, in reality,
    Nibiru, on its way to Earth at last. Websites swelled with alarming information on the potential effects of Elenin, and millions of hits were made on YouTube clips allegedly showing Elenin/Nibiru
    in the sky – plainly defocused shots of Jupiter, Venus and even
    the Moon. The unlikelihood that such a blatant phenomenon
    could somehow be covered up by a gigantic conspiracy of both
    professional and amateur astronomers (and the strange silence
    of the general population, none of whom apparently ever looks
    at the sky) seemed not to dissuade the faithful. Claims from
    NASA – not always reliable, admittedly – that nothing remotely
    spectacular could result from such a minor comet did little to still the interest. But, sure enough, Elenin eventual y disintegrated into a smudge of dust, and nothing of note resulted. The voices behind the hysteria, of course, without pause for breath or apology, acted as if nothing had ever been said about Elenin and simply turned
    their attentions to other Nibiru candidates, be they errant ‘brown dwarf’ stars invisible to cameras, or other wandering celestial
    bodies. Others claimed that Elenin had been secretly nuked by
    world authorities.
    The strange thing about such fear-mongering in the conspir-
    acy world is that it seems to award primary status to tenuously
    speculative threats to humanity, based on the word of highly
    questionable or unknown informants, while far more ominous
    – and verifiable – events lie much closer at hand, yet go largely unremarked upon. While all the Nibiru/Elenin hysteria was going
    viral, for instance, official NASA reports on the very strong possibility that the Sun might soon throw out a huge electromagnetic
    solar flare, with potential y devastating consequences for global 28
    Conspiracy.indd 28
    23/10/2012 15:42:20
    what is conspiracy theory?
    electricity grids and the entire technological infrastructure of the

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