Corruption's Price: A Spanish Deceit

Corruption's Price: A Spanish Deceit by Charles Brett Read Free Book Online

Book: Corruption's Price: A Spanish Deceit by Charles Brett Read Free Book Online
Authors: Charles Brett
the previous day with Davide had gone much as he had expected. He found Davide a mix of useful and irritating. Useful, because he clearly understood Spain and how it worked, or didn't work, better than he himself did. Irritating, because he was so tiresomely English and European. Fuzzy yet polite perhaps summed it up best.
    Felipe was used to quick clean decisions based on hard rational business grounds. If there was a net dollar to be made here or saved there it was only common sense to take those actions that reeled in that buck. People with similar training to Felipe expected employees to work hard for their employer because this would ultimately benefit both. If the company flourished so did its employees.
    So far as he could make out this was not so in Spain. The Spanish mentality seemed to be that work was merely a necessity in order to earn a living, and little more. Yes, there were individuals who were exceptions, but not many in his admittedly limited experience. Employees turned up so that they would be paid, not because they wished their employer and thus themselves to do better. From what Davide was teaching him, this had a historical justification, at least in a past when owner-employers took the rewards and signally failed to share them with their employees.
    The difficulty was that this made his job of promoting ORS much more challenging. In some senses he had been lucky that his bosses in the US had introduced him to two willing clients before he arrived. Afterwards he and Davide had worked hard to bring in the third. But the business reality was that his Iberian operation needed at least another two to three clients this year to be viable long-term, followed by an additional couple of new ones each year thereafter.
    Furthermore, success assumed that the ORS expectation, of a 0.1 per cent recovery rates, which it had proved it could achieve in the US, was repeatable in Spain. So far, after several months of operations, the recovery percentage was disappointingly lower, at around half the expected rate. Compounding his frustration was that the analyses from the existing three clients indicated that the actual recovery rate should be double or even triple the US rate. But the monies were simply not trickling in as had happened in Texas when he was learning his ORS trade.
    Davide's suggestion of introducing his Australian colleague intrigued him. Davide would not discuss exactly what had happened in Rome but his recommendation to Felipe about this Caterina was of the highest order. She must be special. Davide had given her the bulk of the credit for making the breakthrough in Rome, though Felipe's own contacts said the real insights had originated with Davide.
    As for the other Australian lady he was unclear. He could understand the applicability of forensic accounting but was uncertain what this might add to the formidable experience of the recovery specialists ORS already employed, people with deep knowledge of the bizarre purchasing practises that most large organisations possess. He would just have to wait to see.
    He let his mind wander to the previous Saturday. It had been agreeable. Meeting single people like himself in Madrid was unexpectedly hard. He had resorted to the Internet and Meetup to find a fitness gathering in the main Madrid park, namely the Retiro. There he found himself part of an eclectic group in their twenties and thirties, almost entirely non-Spanish and mostly female. They had welcomed him with open arms, though many seemed to be married or already engaged. Yet there were two whom he rather fancied. He had expectations for the next Meetup fitness class scheduled for later in the week. It was good to exercise with others. Jogging alone all the time became depressing.
    He heard voices speaking in English, two of them with what he guessed must be Australian accents. If he was honest he couldn't tell the difference between British English and South African or Australian or even Canadian

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