Count Catula (Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery Book 9)

Count Catula (Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery Book 9) by Kathi Daley Read Free Book Online

Book: Count Catula (Whales and Tails Cozy Mystery Book 9) by Kathi Daley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kathi Daley
to live that will allow him to keep his dog. I’m not sure what I can do, but I want to help if I can.”
    “Harland is in a difficult situation. On one hand, he’s both broke and homeless. He needs help, but he’s reluctant to accept it. There are programs he might qualify for, particularly given his age, but he refuses to even look into the options I’ve tried to provide to him. He’s insistent that he wants to maintain his independence. And he has the dog to consider; most subsidized housing don’t allow pets. I’m looking for a place that will meet his needs, but so far I’m not having a lot of success. You don’t know of anyone who has an empty house they aren’t using, do you?”
    I didn’t, but I did know of someone who had part of a house they might be willing to rent. “I have an idea, but I need to talk to someone first. I’ll let you know if I can work things out.”

Chapter 4
    I decided to head back to the bookstore as soon as I left the church and call the other names on Amanda Lowman’s list from there. Maybe someone would have a piece of the puzzle that would allow us to make sense of things. When I arrived Tara was standing at the counter, talking to one of the women who had attended the book club meeting the previous evening.
    “I heard what happened to poor Ms. Lowman,” the woman said the minute I walked through the door. “Please tell me Deputy Finnegan has figured out who did this awful thing.”
    “As far as I know, there hasn’t been an arrest made at this time.”
    “It’s just so hard to believe. One minute she was standing right here in this very shop, talking about her book, and the next she’s dead. It really makes you wonder what this world is coming to.”
    “It’s a terrible thing,” I agreed.
    “I hope Deputy Finnegan makes an arrest soon. I don’t think I’ll feel safe in my own home until this monster is caught and dealt the punishment he deserves.”
    “Deputy Finnegan is at a conference, but I’m sure his replacement is working on it.”
    The woman picked up a Coffee Cat Books bag from the counter. She turned and looked at Tara. “Thank you for your help, dear. I know you live alone now that Destiny is off at college.” Destiny, the teenage mother who had been living with Tara, had moved to Oregon to live with her aunt so she could go to college there. “You be careful, and keep your door locked. It’s very unsettling to have a killer in our midst.”
    “I will, and thank you for stopping by.”
    After the woman left Tara asked how my interview with Tripp had gone. I explained that he hadn’t seemed to have much information at all, which seemed odd to me. You would think every rock would have been overturned with the death of two young girls fifteen years ago, yet Tripp made it sound as if he’d asked around a bit, hadn’t found any obvious suspects, then basically had given up. He could be holding back something he didn’t feel comfortable discussing with me, I thought; I just hoped he’d open up to Finn.
    “I spoke to Father Kilian as well,” I added. “He had a slightly different perspective but no real answers. I’m going to call the other names on Amanda Lowman’s list to see if any of the people who were around back then can remember anything more.”
    “Wasn’t Siobhan in the same graduating class as the girls who were killed?”
    “Yeah. She’s going to tell us what she remembers at the murder board dinner tonight. I hope you can come as well.”
    “I’ll be there. I really don’t think I’ll feel safe until Ms. Lowman’s killer is found. You know who might be able to tell you something about the victims? Fran Hillford.”
    Fran had taught history at the high school until she’d retired a couple of years before. She’d been at the high school for thirty years, so she would definitely have been there when the murders occurred. Maybe she would have input about the victims Tripp hadn’t. “Mrs. Hillford and I always did

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