Coveting Love (Jessica Crawford)

Coveting Love (Jessica Crawford) by Victoria Schwimley Read Free Book Online

Book: Coveting Love (Jessica Crawford) by Victoria Schwimley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Victoria Schwimley
    Jessica laughed and rubbed her hand tenderly down the girl’s front. Her hand hovered over one spot that jumped rapidly, apparently pushed back and forth by the inhabitant inside.
    Veronica laughed. “He does it all the time.”
    “ He, I take it you know the sex then.”
    “ Yes. In fact, we just found out. Paul is so excited. He wants a son so badly. He can’t stop telling everyone. He called his parents from the doctor’s office. He couldn’t even wait until we got home. He’s making plans for all the camping and fishing trips they’re going to take. The other day I caught him trying to buy a Boy Scout manual. I’ll be lucky if this kid even knows his mother.”
    “ Oh, come on, you’ll be a terrific mother, and your son will love you every bit as much as he loves his father.”
    “ Oh, I know he will. I really am happy. I never thought there was this much happiness in the world. Becoming a mother is an experience like none other.” She noticed Jessica frowning. “What’s wrong?”
    Jessica shook her head rapidly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to dampen your news. Nothing is wrong.” She turned to indicate her mother’s and Amy’s presence. “You remember my mother, Sarah, and my friend, Amy.”
    Veronica hugged Sarah and smiled at Amy. “Of course, I remember your mother. I believe Amy and I met last Christmas, wasn’t it?”
    Amy smiled, coming forward and giving Veronica a tentative hug. “Yes, it was Christmas. How kind of you to remember. Congratulations on the baby. When is he due?”
    “ Next month. I can’t wait. I swear he is playing tackle football in here.” She laughed and rubbed her belly.
    A looked passed between Amy and Veronica, and Jessica knew that Veronica somehow sensed Amy’s pregnancy. Did the look bother her? An uncomfortable feeling briefly touched her. What was it? Was it envy of Veronica, and perhaps Amy, too? But why would she envy either of them. Was it loneliness? If so, could it be just remnants of what Sarah had put into her head this morning? Or could it be jealously over the bond that Veronica shared with her best friend? She loved Amy like a sister. Amy didn’t want her baby. There certainly wasn’t anything to be envied there.
    “ Veronica,” she said, breaking into the conversation before her thoughts went any farther. “Do you have any names picked out?”
    “ Stephen seems to be popular among most of the family. I am partial to Anthony. It sounds romantic. Paul, of course, wants it to be Paul Jr.” She shook her head. “I don’t like juniors. It’s too confusing.”
    “ Well, I like Anthony, too. I think it’s a fine name,” Jessica said.
    “ I vote for Anthony,” Amy put in, timidly.
    “ I do, too.” Sarah added.
    “ Well then, it’s settled. I guess I’ll just tell Paul we need to go with Anthony.”
    They all laughed and Veronica promised to let Jessica know when the baby arrived.
    By the time they left the shop, Jessica had purchased two new dresses for herself, and a new coat and hat for her mother.
    Jessica and Amy began to act like children, and Sarah pulled them from the stores laughing. They couldn’t help but enjoy their morning shopping spree, and their spirits were well lifted by the time they left for home.
    Before leaving, they stopped at the bakery and bought French bread for dinner, some delicious cinnamon rolls for breakfast the next morning, and two dozen sinfully fattening chocolate chip cookies.
    Upon arriving home, they grabbed a quick lunch of tuna salad, and then headed off to the lake with their memo pads, leaving Sarah at home to put away their purchases and begin preparations for dinner.
    “ The lake is beautiful. It’s just as I remember it,” Amy noted with amazement. “I haven’t been here in so long. I’ve really missed it.”
    “ Yes, as many times as I’ve been here, I still marvel at the beauty. Look over there. See that flock of geese. Look how they watch after each other.”

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