Craig, Dede - Three Kisses of Lust (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Craig, Dede - Three Kisses of Lust (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Dede Craig Read Free Book Online

Book: Craig, Dede - Three Kisses of Lust (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour) by Dede Craig Read Free Book Online
Authors: Dede Craig
inside of her. His gleaming, most likely divine body grinding against hers. When last had she actually felt real desire to be with a man? Not for who she was, or he was, but for the sheer quenching of a carnal thirst.
    Abruptly, he stood up, walked over to her, then pulled her toward him until she stood micro inches away from him, only a thin sheet of air separating them.
    Her lips parted expectantly. She could feel it coming. He was going to kiss her. He had to kiss her. Her lips throbbed, already swelling, aching for his touch. God, she wanted this.
    But he didn’t. Instead, he led her back into the foyer and up the staircase. He didn’t look at her, and she simply followed, watching his muscular back edge against his shirt. She was in a daze of wanting. His delicious smell trailed after him, hitting her again and again as he ascended the stairs. Her heartbeat raced in her chest. She could feel it throbbing below her ear.
    They reached the top of the stairs, and he veered to the right toward white double doors, and pushed one of them open with one hand, his other wrapped firmly around hers.
    Oh God, this is really happening. She blinked, her breath accelerated, her chest heaving with the effort.
    He pulled her inside the room and closed the doors behind them before turning to look at her.
    She gasped. The room seemed to be spinning around her. All she could see was him. His eyes were darker, filled with the look of pure, animal lust. His full lips parted, his wanting clear as he raked down her body, slowly, ripping her clothes off with his eyes.
    She heard a low, fiery moan. It was hers, and she could feel her panties literally soaking from her juices. She opened her legs slightly, longing to relieve the pressure on her swollen pussy lips. She could feel her nipples pushing harder against the fabric, begging for release. She wanted him inside her begging for entry.
    Liam groaned while he watched her then—
    She flinched as he grabbed her wrists, setting them above her head, and her back slammed against the wall of the room.
    She licked her lips, parting them. She could feel her tongue grow moist and heavy in anticipation. She swallowed hard, her head upturned and her eyes locked on his.
    Then his mouth was on hers. Soft lips like two cushions of heaven. His moist, warm tongue met hers violently, hungrily. Searching, sucking, slipping, and gliding. He bit her lower lip, and she whimpered on his mouth.
    She arched her back while she stilled her lips, her tongue in his mouth. His tongue swirled around hers then sucked gently before moving back to her lips.
    She edged forward, pushing her body against his, then smiled seductively as his hard dick pressed against her hip. She pushed harder and wiggled her hips as her tongue lapped his. She wanted to feel him, not just inside of her, but to be one with him. Oh God, how she craved this man. He was addictive, yet she had never had him. Was it even possible?
    He lowered her hands, placing them around his neck, then cupped his own hands under her bare thighs, lifting her up in one swift movement before wrapping her legs around his waist.
    The electricity shot up her legs, sending its charged waves crashing through her, and she moaned.
    His hands were rugged against her skin, his nails digging into her flesh. She had never wanted a man, yearned for a man as much as she did at this moment.
    She tightened her arms around his neck, grinding her pelvis against him. She could feel the seams of her denim shorts tighten against her clit, and she pushed harder, willing it to rip wide open.
    His tongue moved ravenously against hers before moving down to her neck. He nibbled softly then sucked before licking her neck in an upward movement, settling back at her mouth. He moved his tongue over the inside of her top lip and down to the bottom.
    She whispered on his mouth, words she wasn’t able to comprehend herself, then raked her hands through his silky hair. She pulled his head down,

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