Crave: A BWWM Romance

Crave: A BWWM Romance by Sadie Black Read Free Book Online

Book: Crave: A BWWM Romance by Sadie Black Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sadie Black
of was bending those hips over cars and front step railings. Or grabbing those hips and pulling them down on me. When I looked at Moneka now, whether it was morning goddess Moneka, bossy restaurant Moneka, or nighttime animal Moneka, all I could think of was fucking her in every way imaginable. This isn’t over I thought to those hips as they swayed out of sight.
    As I made my way to my bus stop, my own phone started going off. Queen’s We Will Rock You blared from my jacket pocket. When I heard it, I thought about how much it annoyed Moneka and smiled. When I answered, I caught my Dad on the other line, sounding out of breath and frantic. I stopped in my tracks.
    “Dad, are you ok?”
    “Yeah. Oh gosh, yeah everything’s fine.”
    “You don’t sound fine. Is it your heart? You know what Dr. Leister said about your blood pressure.”
    “It’s not my heart son. Well, I suppose it is actually.”
    “Never mind,” he brushed me off.
    “No…no, no never mind Dad. You tell me what’s up.”
    “Look. Take some advice from your old man and relax. It’s not good for your blood pressure.”
    I could hear him chuckling at his own joke through the phone and I wanted to reach through the receiver and throttle him. I could even picture myself doing it, like Donald Duck or some other bizarre cartoon.
    “You working today?”
    “Well, no.”
    I looked around me. I guessed it was my day off. Moneka probably didn’t want to see me at all after this morning. Clearing out and taking it easy seemed like the best option. Of course, there had been one brilliant moment when I thought my day might be filled with sex. Can’t win them all I guess.
    “Good. I want you to come to the country club out toward Amherst.”
    “Dad, that’s over an hour away.”
    “You’ll come because I have some big news for you.”
    “Too big for the phone?”
    “Way too big. It’ll make your phone explode,” he teased me and I had to smile. Whatever it was had him in a good mood, that much was clear.
    “Sounds dangerous.”
    “You betcha.”
    There was a long pause in which my Dad was clearly listening for confirmation of my compliance.
    “Fine, I’m there. Just let me get ready first. I’ll see you by noon.”
    “I’ll wait for you in the club house. Don’t forget the clubs I gave you last Christmas. Brenner won’t let you borrow his since you dented his nine iron on that big oak out by hole fourteen.”
    Right. I’d forgotten that he’d given me those clubs. I wasn’t much of a golfer, but my Dad seemed to have made it his life’s mission to make me into one. There was no doubt that he saw perfectly manicured greens and a dry gin or three in my future.
    I gazed down the boulevard at the morning drunks mixed with Saturday executives and young mothers. They all peeled out of the woodwork as the city woke up, each with a separate story from the night before, separate plans for the weekend, separate dreams for the future. I can’t gaze at the country club that way. When I try, all I see is the same old man repeated about twelve times, talking about his money and criticizing whoever happens to have more than him or less than apropos.
    Nah. I preferred to gaze at street lamps and broken windows, laundromats filled with people and restaurants like Crave. I preferred to live a life apart from my father’s money and find a way to be my own kind of man. I guess I’m just not a country club kind of guy.

    T hat fact that my mother was treating me to brunch at the The Honey Dew did little to assuage my frustration. My morning with Cole stuck like a burr in my brain. It wasn’t all bad though. He definitely knew how to make me feel good. But last night couldn’t happen again. It was unprofessional and not the kind of foot I wanted to start on with my new restaurant. Honestly, who would take me seriously as a businesswoman if word got out that I slept with my contractor? Especially since said “sleeping” happened

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