Crave (Talon Security #1)

Crave (Talon Security #1) by Megan O'Brien Read Free Book Online

Book: Crave (Talon Security #1) by Megan O'Brien Read Free Book Online
Authors: Megan O'Brien
the guestroom, based on the state of Travis’s downstairs living and kitchen space.
    I’d only seen him briefly in the last forty-eight hours. He’d come in to check on me the previous evening and had told me they’d recovered the gift from my trunk, which did turn out to be the flawless canary diamond the Russians were looking for. It had been in a lock box, so even if I’d wanted to open it, I wouldn’t have been able to. Not that I would have peeked. That was back when I didn’t know Zitto was a scoundrel.
    I had dinner ready when Travis walked in the door that evening. It had been a feat to make anything at all, since the fridge was in the garage and everything had to be made on his George Foreman grill. But I had persevered, damn it.
    He took off his leather jacket, slinging it on a chair. “You cooked?” he commented in a surprised tone.
    “Hey, I cook sometimes,” I replied, sounding mildly offended as I handed him a beer.
    He eyed me knowingly. “You’re bored.”
    “Maybe I just want to do something nice to say thank you for putting me up,” I replied defensively.
    He stared at me with raised brows.
    “Okay, fine, I’m bored,” I mumbled.
    He looked around his condo. “I can see why this wouldn’t be the best place to be stuck,” he muttered dryly.
    I didn’t really have a response to that, since it was true.
    We sat in the kitchen nook and ate in companionable silence for a little while.
    “Did you discover anything new?” I asked hesitantly. I knew they’d all been killing themselves to dig up as much information as they could.
    “Zitto’s in the wind,” he grumbled. “Would love to get my hands on that motherfucker. We did talk with Camille. I’ve interviewed a lot of fucking people and I genuinely believe she didn’t know a thing about this,” he shared.
    I was relieved to hear that. It was enough to know Zitto was an asshole; I didn’t want to think that his sweet wife had taken any part of this.
    As if reading my mind, Travis continued. “It’s possible he didn’t intend to do you harm, Sam. He was a stupid fuck, and from what we’ve gathered, not well versed in the criminal underworld. At all. He was completely in over his head, trying to steal from a man like Ivanov. It’s possible that he wanted to get it out of his house. That he didn’t think someone would know he gave it to you.”
    I bit my lip, nodding.
    “It’s possible, but that doesn’t mean he’s not fucking guilty,” he clarified tersely before taking a deep pull on his beer.
    I stared down at my own bottle, lost in thought.
    “You want to tell me what happened?” he asked gruffly, taking me off guard. “With Sid,” he clarified, even though we both knew what he was talking about. He’d given me plenty of space and I knew he deserved an explanation, even a brief one.
    I shrugged, looking off to the side. “Sid just doesn’t feel the same way about me, and he had a pretty shitty way of showing it.” I sighed.
    He studied me intently, as though gauging his response carefully. “Well, little sis, obviously I don’t know the details but I see the man every day. All I can say is that he’s torn up. Someone who doesn’t feel something for you wouldn’t be so affected. I’ve literally had to fight to keep him from sleeping on the couch. I know for a fact he’s slept in his truck outside the house more than once.”
    My mouth dropped open in shock before I recovered with a sigh. “He probably just feels guilty.”
    “I know guilt,” he argued. “That’s not what’s haunting him.”
    “There’s a lot that haunts Sid,” I said softly.
    He nodded, his expression tight. “I’m sure that’s true. Have you thought about what you want to do about your living situation?” he asked, changing the subject, for which I was grateful.
    I shook my head, biting my lip. “I don’t think I can go back home. At least, not right now. And I love you and all, Trav, but my days of being sequestered in a

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