Creep by Jennifer Hillier Read Free Book Online

Book: Creep by Jennifer Hillier Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jennifer Hillier
Tags: Fiction, Suspense
describe the corporate culture?”
    “I thought I was supposed to be the one asking the questions.”
    A well-timed self-conscious laugh. “Right. Sorry.”
    Morris grinned. “Don’t be. Determining whether this job is the right fit for you goes both ways. Let’s see . . . corporate culture . . .” A rambling five-minute explanation followed, then, “Now, let me tell you more about the job.”
    For the next twenty minutes, Ethan sat politely while Morris droned on about the responsibilities of being a junior account manager, interjecting with questions when appropriate. If he’d really been Tom Young, the job might have sounded okay. Morris was probably a decent boss. Ethan kept his face composed, nodding in the right places and forcing himself to take in as many details as he could—one never knew what might be useful later.
    It was clear Morris was a smart man. This didn’t surprise Ethan. Sheila wouldn’t waste her time on someone who didn’t match her own intelligence. But everything about her fiancé was large . Big body, big voice, big hands, big feet. He made Ethan feel . . . small.
    Ethan hated him.
    “Based on your qualifications, Tom, I think you’d be a great fit for this division.”
    “I’m glad you think so, Morris.”
    The big man cleared his throat. “Now, I gotta confess that we’ve done things a bit backwards here. Obviously I wanted to meet you since my—Randall—spoke so highly of you, but you’ll need to submit a résumé with Human Resources and beinterviewed by our hiring committee before an official offer can be made. Though with your background, I don’t foresee any problems.”
    “I understand. I’ll send them the information today.”
    Morris stood up. Ethan followed suit.
    “Great meeting you, Tom. I’ll be putting in a strong recommendation.”
    “Thank you. I really appreciate that, Morris.”
    The older man hesitated. “Listen, any chance you’ll be talking to Randall over the next day or two?”
    “Probably. He’ll be curious to know how our meeting went.”
    “Uh . . .” Morris’s face flushed. A bead of sweat appeared at his graying hairline. “Maybe you could tell him to give his old man a call. I’m getting married in a few weeks and he, uh . . . never officially confirmed whether he’s bringing his girlfriend . . . uh . . .”
    “Right, Donna.” Morris paused, then threw a hand up in the air. “Ah hell. You’ve been friends with Randy for what, eight, ten years? You must know we’ve hardly spoken. Not since his mother and I divorced. I’m a recovering alcoholic. Wasn’t exactly the best husband and father back then.”
    Ethan gave a sympathetic nod. “He told me. We’ve talked about it quite a bit, actually. But I think—” He stopped. “You know what? It’s not my place to say.”
    “Please, speak freely.”
    Ethan counted to five, hoping for just the right amount of hesitation to seem uncomfortable but also concerned. “Well, he’s been doing some thinking. He and Donna have been going through some difficulties of their own, and I think it’s given him some perspective on you and his mom divorcing.”
    “Really?” Morris’s round face was so filled with hope that Ethan almost felt a pang of pity. Almost. “He told you that?”
    “Pretty much. And he also said that you and he—”
    A loud beep shrilled from the phone. Pained, Morris held up a chunky finger and pressed the speaker button.
    “Yes, Darcy,” he barked.
    Her crisp, no-nonsense voice chirped, “Mr. Evers and Mr. Chan are here. Waiting for you in the boardroom.”
    “Be right there.” Morris pressed the button again. “I’m sorry, Tom, what were you saying?”
    The timing was perfect. “You know, Morris, it would be better if you talked to Randy directly. I’ll let him know our meeting went well and pass along the message that you’d like him to get in touch. I really appreciate your time.”
    Ethan shook Morris’s hand firmly and headed toward

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