Creepy Teacher: A Psychological Thriller

Creepy Teacher: A Psychological Thriller by Mackie Malone Read Free Book Online

Book: Creepy Teacher: A Psychological Thriller by Mackie Malone Read Free Book Online
Authors: Mackie Malone
Tags: Fiction, thriller
to almost everything that steered Bailey away from the house was, “I say no, but ask your mother.”
    “Fine, I’ll call dad,” Bailey said, “but what’s your answer. That’s all he’ll need.”
    “Not when it comes to you attending a party at some barn with a guy,” her mother said. “He’ll have plenty to say about it, believe me.”
    “What’s this hero’s name again?”
    “Eric Cady.”
    “Well, call your dad, Bailey, and meanwhile, I’ll check my sources on this Eric Cady. He’s a junior, I presume?”
    “A senior.”
    “Wonderful. Good luck on that with your dad.”
    Reaching for some kind of hope, even if tentative and subject to change, Bailey said, “How about I tell dad you’re a definite yes pending the approval of your sources.”
    “Replace yes with maybe,” her mother said.
    They disconnected, and she typed a text to her dad, saying, “Dad, call mom about Eric Cady’s party. Please answer by twelve fifteen today. Please answer yes. Thank you. I love you.”
    As she sent it, she spun around, looked up, and crashed awkwardly into Mr. Renly.
    The bell rang.
    She gathered herself, apologized, and split.
    His coffee breath had chuffed directly into her nose.
    *     *     *
    In 5th period study, Eric Cady walked in late. Bailey had taken a table by herself, not to be rude, but because she didn’t honestly know if Tony Avery and Kylie Westin would accept her at their table without Eric present.
    So much for bravery and being courageous!
    It was hardly expected, Bailey decided, especially since she had only sat with Tony and Kylie once, and really, they had gotten up to mill around anyhow, leaving her and Eric to study together alone.
    She took out her Algebra textbook now, and buried her nose in it to avoid seeming like a weirdo who wanted to sit with the popular kids but wasn’t cool enough to try.
    Truth and reality sucked!
    She needed to work on her people skills, she decide.
    When Eric did arrive, the librarian called him over and handed him a tardy slip. He took that in stride to the table where Tony Avery and Kylie Westin were sitting, set his bag down, then looked around the room.
    Again, Bailey ducked her head into her book.
    Peripherally, she watched him thumb a gesture toward her table, say something to them, then lift his bag and make his way over. Tony and Kylie stayed put.
    She looked up and acknowledged him with one of those backward-chin-tipping nods, the kind she rarely used because they looked so…absurd.
    “I didn’t see you when I walked in,” he said, taking a seat across from her.
    Bailey wondered what he had said to Tony and Kylie, but she wasn’t about to ask. Instead, she said, “Did you get a tardy?”
    He dragged his Algebra book from his bag. “Yep,” he said, showing it to her. “Everyone keeps stopping me with questions about tomorrow. What should they bring? What time? Where’s the barn? Are Clayton kid’s welcome? On and on. It’s endless.”
    “Could be worse,” Bailey offered. “You could have just experienced a hallway collision, like I did, with Mr. Renly. I turned around, and he was right there in my bubble.”
    “I would have flattened him,” Eric said. “What was he blabbing about today at the chalkboard anyway? Dolphins? I can’t figure that guy out. He’s on a strange wave.”
    “Beluga whales,” Bailey said.
    Her smart phone went beep, beep.
    Finally, a reply from her dad…
    “I say no, your mom says yes. The answer is maybe. We chat tonight.”
    Eric guessed correctly—either that, or he was a genius at reading disappointed facial expression. He said, “I can pick you up at home tomorrow, if that helps.”
    Which sent a flutter clear through her body, from the top of her forehead to the tip of her toes.
    “I’ll have to get back to you on that,” she told him. “My dad wants to chat with me about it tonight.”
    “No problem,” Eric said. “My parents have been chatting with me, too.

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