Cross Roads: Pick a Path
smile; she’s testing to see how
much I love her, right? She’s everything to me, if she’s

    “Arrun! Get yourself together! I need you to
walk with me, it is going to be hard, but you have to deal with it.
She is gone!” Shouted the officer, as I stared upon him; still
hoping for everything to work in my favor.

    With ever step we drew closer to the truth,
my denial was beginning to fade. I knew what lies ahead will not be
easy to handle, but I needed to know. Surging past the officer,
unable to hold the negative anticipation I forced through the
doors. With corpses lying lonesome, Sargent John Collins grasped
me. He pulled me back and walked me towards a figure covered under
a white cloth.

    My hands nervously shivered, making pace
towards the cloth I did not want the truth. Pulling it over,
thousands of emotions filled my thoughts, but I was not able to
speak. A tear dropped, and emotions began to pour.

    “ No, No, No, Hasini…No! Hasini, talk to
me! Please! Hasini, smile Hasini, I don’t want to see you like
this. I need you Hasini, Hasini! We were meant to grow old
together; you can’t leave me before we begin our lives. We were
going to have children, a son as amusing as me, and a daughter as
beautiful and loving as you. How am I to keep going now, without
you? Hasini, please!”

    “Arrun, we need to go now,” said officer
John Collins.

    I wasn’t able to bear it; I rushed back out
the door. I was angry, emotions took over, and I was punching
walls, smashing everything in sight. The officer was the one to
bring me down; he took me to the floor and shouted, “Arrun! You
need to calm down!” Hasini was gone, but I was the one who felt
soulless. Life no longer had a purpose, and things were never going
to be the same.

Chapter 6 - Life Had Other Plans

    Three months passed since Hasini left my
life, and things never found their way back into place. I
constantly visited the bridge where the accident took place,
staring endlessly over the body of water that took her away from
me. Today was no different; I stood over with a flask of whisky
trying to forget. Forgetting was never a reasonable option, how do
you forget love that was real. At most, all I was able to do is try
and keep my mind off it, even if it were temporary.

    It was hard; it was hard to believe how
things flipped upside down so quickly. You never get warnings
before accidents, and I knew it, but I just could not accept it.
With every ticking second I remember looking into her eyes and
feeling whole; her parting completely broke me.

    At first I was ready to walk alone
    Keeping the anticipation of a long journey
in thought
    A journey I was confident of boarding

    Without my desire
    She came
    Standing shoulder to shoulder at the
entrance of darkness
    With every moment that passed on our journey
we grew closer
    The darkness became brighter
    I was able to see life in a different
    The missing piece

    Right there
    The middle of it all
    She left
    Making the light a darkness

    Once again
    Leaving me to question it all
    Why? Why come, to go
    Standing unable to move back or forward
    Lost in the woods I must remain
    Until I forget

    But will I ever?

    Days passed; I often found myself sitting on
the floor of my condo, leaning against the wall with alcohol as my
only companion. My family has often tried to get me back to being
the Arrun they love, but the Arrun the world once knew died the day
Hasini stopped breathing. I wasn’t even able to close my eyes
without her presence aching my soul, and as much as it hurt, it

    It didn’t take me too long to close the
entire world out; at first alcohol was the companion. Soon the
presence of a dark room made things easier. The slash in my mind
became worse, and forgetting never seemed so difficult. At times I
could not even bare it; I needed more help. My family was always
there for me in times where I needed to talk, but I simply did not
want to associate with the rest of the

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