Cry Zombie Cry (I Zombie Book 5)

Cry Zombie Cry (I Zombie Book 5) by Jack Wallen Read Free Book Online

Book: Cry Zombie Cry (I Zombie Book 5) by Jack Wallen Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jack Wallen
to get doused. We’ve collected as much of the spray as we could find. It’s all natural, so it’s not harmful. Crazy, I know—but if it works, who cares?”
    “ It tastes like cat ass,” Joshua spat.
    “ And just how do you know what cat ass tastes like?”
    Josh and Morgan continued their banter as I turned and made my way over to Rizzo.
    “ That was an amazing throw.”
    Rizzo turned and immediately blushed.
    “ Are you flirting with me? ‘Cause I can flirt back…although I might get a little embarrassed, because I’ve never flirted with anyone as crazy famous as you.”
    “ I’m not—” I started.
    “ Oh, shut up,” Rizzo interrupted immediately. “You are celebrity numero uno on this big ball of bad. You’re like…Oprah famous. You’re going to save the world, Bethany Nitshimi. I can feel it. You’re going to pull the human race out of this infectious cesspool and bring about Human Being 2.0. I can see things. When they scooped out part of my brain, I think they left behind—”
    “ When who scooped out part of your brain?” I couldn’t help but stop the girl.
    “ The doctors. I’m a survivor. Brain cancer. Two major surgeries. If I can survive that, no way a punky little apocalypse can take me down. That’d be like Celine Dion taking on Henry Rollins. You know what’s really rad about my brain?” Rizzo tilted her head to draw me in close. “Zombies don’t like it,” she whispered. “I guess they think it must be rotten inside or missing something important to them. They take one drawn-out sniff of me, turn, then walk away. So I guess I have some superpowers, wouldn’t ya say? I’m like their kryptonite.”
    Logic begged me to argue with Rizzo. How could a zombie sense she’d had part of her brain removed? But then, logic seemed to be losing what little grip on reality it had once had. There was little place for the rational mind now. Chaos, randomness, and anarchy were now the order of law. For all I knew, hidden within Rizzo’s skull was the solution to all of our problems. That solution would probably forever remain a mystery.
    “ I want to continue this discussion, but first we need to gas up, gather supplies, and get on the road. I want to know all the details, regardless of how insignificant, about your cancer and what was done.” I started to step away but turned back to Rizzo. “This could be big, girlfriend.”
    Rizzo’s eyes instantly widened. I started to speak before her smile and wink cut me off. I returned the smile and took off toward the others.
    “ She’s all ready.” Josh nodded at the Hummer.
    “ We didn’t find anything edible,” proclaimed Echo.
    “ Holy cow,” shouted Rizzo. “Did I ever forget one of the most important items I packed? Get a load of this.”
    Rizzo raced to the back of her truck and jerked the doors open. From a box she pulled out packages and turned to us with a wide grin. “MREs all around.”
    “ MREs? What’s that?” Echo asked, amid the mini-celebrations.
    “ Meal Ready to Eat,” I whispered, not wanting anyone to catch Echo’s lack of familiarity with basic survival gear. “Army food.”
    “ Food?” A smile sped across Echo’s face and her eyes lit up. “I’ll take twelve, please.”
    We decided to indulge ourselves for a moment and eat our meals seated at a table. The MREs were fairly tasteless; at the same time, the thin-sliced roast beef, thin gravy, and even thinner mashed potatoes was the best damned food I’d had in a long time. The table was actually of the picnic variety, but we may as well have been seated in a five-star restaurant. Of course, what really made the moment was the company.
    “ So, Jamal, what’s your story?” Rizzo chimed in.
    “ Oh, I don’t really have a story. I’m just, well, me.”
    “ Horse hockey,” I chided, with a slap to the shoulder. “This man is one of the world’s most elite hackers.”
    “ Bested only by this woman.” Jamal slapped back as he spoke.
    “ So,”

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