CULVER: A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel

CULVER: A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel by Meg Jackson Read Free Book Online

Book: CULVER: A Motorcycle Club Romance Novel by Meg Jackson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Meg Jackson
Track down a stranger I made out with once and ask him to take my virginity?
That really was Britney Spears-level

clomped up to the hotel room and found Alicia and Becky were passed out on the
couch, an old TV show playing softly. I switched the TV off and covered the
girls in blankets before taking to my own bed. I lay there for a long time,
tossing and turning, thinking about Boon and trying to figure out what it was
about him that was so irresistible to me.

around 1am, I still hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep, and when my phone buzzed I
assumed it was one of my friends from home sending a drunk text. My heart
stopped entirely when I saw an unknown number on the screen.

    Tag, you’re it, the text read. I nearly fell
out of bed, I was so excited. My heart started beating again with a vengeance,
pounding in my chest. There was a picture attached to the text: it looked like
the Vegas skyline, taken from above. I racked my brain to see if I could
recognize the angle or view from any of the little amount of sightseeing we had
done. Coming up blank, I pulled on my shorts and tank-top again, grabbing my
wallet as well, and slipped out the front door.

the lobby, I marched right to the concierge desk. It was late, but there were
still lots of people milling around, and the concierge looked bright-eyed and
eager to help.

you know where this could have been taken? Sorry, I know it’s weird, but….” I
started to say, handing my phone to the concierge, who took it with interest.
He adjusted his glasses and stared at the screen.

are no weird requests in Vegas,” he said, smiling broadly and handing me back
the phone. “That photo would have to have been taken from The Mix Lounge at Mandalay
Bay. Shall I call you a cab, ma’am?”

Please! Tell them to hurry!” I said, ecstatic. This had to be it. It had to be
him. He would be there. And at least I’d have a chance to see him one more
time, sober, before never seeing him again. I was being impulsive, and probably
acting recklessly, but I didn’t care. If I saw him and still felt that magnetic
attraction, I would go for it. If I saw him and it didn’t do anything for me,
so be it. I just wanted to do it, take the risk, walk the tightrope without the

pulled a ten from my wallet and handed it to the concierge as he called a cab;
he grinned at me and took it suavely, hanging up the phone.

be more than five minutes, ma’am,” he said. “Would you like to have a seat
while you wait?”

no, I’ll go outside, I don’t think I could sit still,” I said with a giggle, my
giddiness showing. The concierge smiled knowingly and nodded.

of luck, ma’am,” he called out after me as I hustled outside. Once on the
sidewalk, I could hardly keep still. I wanted to pace back and forth but
realized that would look crazy. My mind raced with a million thoughts as I
waited. I wanted to text Boon back, but I also wanted to take him by surprise.
Part of me was horribly anxious that he would leave before I managed to get
there; the other part wanted to keep this as mysterious and exciting as
possible, and that anxiety was just adding to the rush.

cab pulled up and I nearly broke my ankle jumping to grab it.

you the lady going to Mandalay Bay?” the driver asked gruffly.

please, and fast!” I said, my voice cracking as my emotions ran higher and
higher. The cab pulled away and the driver began to make his way down the
strip, far too slowly for my addled mind but as fast as he could possibly go in
the traffic. I fidgeted as I looked out the window, wondering if I could have
walked it faster.

the first time, I wondered if it wasn’t Boon who’d texted me, after all. Maybe
it was the bartender from the bar, just getting off his shift, planning to try
his hand at wooing me. Or maybe it was someone else, someone

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