Cum For Bigfoot 15

Cum For Bigfoot 15 by Virginia Wade Read Free Book Online

Book: Cum For Bigfoot 15 by Virginia Wade Read Free Book Online
Authors: Virginia Wade
    “With a bunch of strangers.”
    “I am a new leader. I meet other
     tribal leaders.”
    “Oh. I guess that makes me a tribal
     queen,” I giggled. He licked my face. “Stop that.”
    “You my queen, Porsche.”
    “Oh, Leonard.”
    We set out again after we had rested,
     but, to my consternation, the walk went on for hours, well after sunset. Our
     group had descended into a lush forest, the sounds of crickets resonating,
     while low hanging branches touched my forehead. My legs were numb from the
     exercise, my knees wobbly. Maggy was asleep in the
     infant carrier, which was strapped to my back. Wolfie had gone to sleep clinging to Harry, who walked with long strides. The miles
     hadn’t affected the apes at all, as they relished this kind of activity.
     Leonard and Pooky grunted and gestured, sniffing,
     picking up on danger, while Shelly grumbled about being exhausted.
    “Oh, these fucking apes. Now I
     remember why I hated the fucking woods.”
    “I knew the thrill would wear off,”
     laughed Leslie. “Didn't take long.”
    “Jesus, we have to be getting close.”
     I glanced behind me, seeing Harry. “The little ones need to go to bed.”
    “Wait here,” rasped Leonard. He went
     on ahead with Pooky .
    “Where are they going?” asked Shelly.
    “Meeting the new tribe,” said Harry.
     “We stay here.”
    I sat on a rock, exhaustion seeping
     into my bones. Shelly drew near. “Man, I’m sick of walking.”
    “Me too.”
    There was a commotion in the distance,
     and the hair on top of Harry’s head suddenly stood up. He growled deep in this
     throat. With one fluid move, Wolfie was off his back,
     as he handed the boy to Shelly.
    “Whoa!” The sleeping toddler grunted,
     wrapping his arms around Shelly’s neck. Harry took off into the woods, breaking
     several branches in the process.
    “I wonder if that’s a problem?” I was
     so tired; I could hardly muster any emotions other than exhaustion.
    “It’ll be fine,” said Zelda. “It’s a
     territorial thing. They’re establishing dominance and stuff like that. They’ll
     be back.”
    We waited, listening to growls in the
     distance. Things quieted down a while later, and I perceived a thumping, the
     sound of heavy footfalls, heading in our direction.
    “Um…how many do you think they are?”
     I glanced at Zelda.
    “Seems like…a lot.” She ran fingers
     through her tangled tresses. “Either that or they’re all five hundred pounds a
    I glanced at the foliage, waiting now
     with trepidation. We had been left alone, but what if something had happened to
     our guys? What if they had been murdered? Now, instead of tiredness, I felt a
     wave of fear and anxiety. The bushes moved then, and Harry stepped into view.
     Leonard followed him. I breathed a sigh of relief.
    “We meet the tribe,” rasped Leonard.
     “Come.” He held out his hand.
    “Is everything okay?”
    “Yes, they wait for us.”
    Shelly was on her feet. “All right.
     Let’s hit it.”
    We grabbed our things and the
     children; Lendal and Bubba Jr. were surprisingly
     quiet, as if they too were worried. They lingered behind us, while Pooky brought up the rear. Harry and Leonard led the way.
     There was a trail through the woods, the foliage thick in this area. I sensed
     eyes on us; the prickling of the skin down my back alerted me to this fact. The
     other tribe was near and watching our every move. How many of them were there?
    There were lights up ahead; the glow
     from a significant campfire beckoned. A series of rustic huts presented
     themselves, which reminded me of my early days with the tribe. It seemed as if
     the camp was deserted, but movement brought my attention towards the trees, as
     several Sasquatches emerged. They were similar to our guys, the same height and
     build, but their faces were different, some had sharper features, while others
     were bland. There seemed to be five adult males, while two youngsters stood

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