Cutter: A Fight or Flight Novel

Cutter: A Fight or Flight Novel by Ashley Suzanne Read Free Book Online

Book: Cutter: A Fight or Flight Novel by Ashley Suzanne Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ashley Suzanne
because it seems like the right thing to do, and the love of your life walks back into your world guns blazing.”
    “I’m not following.”
    “Another story for another day, but what I’m saying is people get hurt. They catch feelings they didn’t anticipate, and because sex is so intimate, especially between friends, someone always walks away with a broken heart. You’ve dealt with a lot in such a short time, kid, I’d hate for you to get all miserable.”
    “Awww, Garrett. Are you turning into a chick on me? Is this where we have a pillow fight or paint each other’s nails?” I joke, trying to break the awkwardness of the situation. My own father died when I was only a little kid, and Jake wasn’t much other than a drunk. I never got the talk—no birds and bees—or any advice on how to interact with the opposite sex. Hearing Garrett’s obvious concern for me drills down the point that my real family is here now, and it feels nice.
    “No, kid. I just know you’re about to make me a shit ton of money if you can think with the right head.”
    “I promise I won’t get hurt or do any hurting. We’re just having fun. The second either of us feel uncomfortable with anything, we’ll stop it. Hell, I’ve got to make
a lot of money so I can get a place away from your prying eyes.”
    “Cutter. I’m always around. I’m always there,” he teases, and tosses me the keys to his truck. “I’ll have Rian come get me. Go talk to your girl. And tell her I thought she’d be more of a thong kind of girl, not so much those little short things. Nice touch.” I’m about to stomp across the room until I remember Josette was only wearing a T-shirt when she answered the door.
    I make it to Josette’s house off of sheer memory. Granted, I had to drive to the bar, then the way we took to her place, but I get there in one piece and am out of the truck before the engine stops churning. I stand on the stoop for a second, unsure of what I’ll say when she opens the door, knowing only that I need to see her, touch her, feel her. Raising my fist, I knock a couple times and take a step back.
    “Can I help you?” her roommate Nichelle asks.
    “I’m looking for Josette.” I have to bite the inside of my cheek. It’s true. All I can see is Nichelle swinging from the chandelier while getting railed by some farm animal.
    “And you are?” There’s attitude in her voice. Not sure if she’s looking out for her friend or ready to shoot me where I stand, so I take another step back.
    “Cutter. I met you the other night? Remember? James and Randy’s friend? From the bar?”
    “Oh, shit, I remember you. Come on in.” Women. Complete 180 in two-point-three seconds. Gotta love it. “I’ll go grab Joey.”
    By “grab Joey,” she really means
I’ll scream at the top of my lungs for her to come out of her room and join us in the living room.
A few seconds later, Josette’s door cracks and she’s as feisty as ever.
    “Niche, seriously? I’ve loaned you my Trig book, given you a notebook, found your rolling papers, and dug through my purse for a lighter. What more could you want? Me to do your homework and smoke your joint for you, too? I mean, Christ, what the hell is it?”
    I clear my throat and Josette turns in my direction.
    “I was just letting you know you had company,” Nichelle says, “but you know, baby girl, you’re always allowed to share a joint with me. I’d prefer it, actually. You might, too, take some of the edge off. Careful with this one, Cutter—high-strung is an understatement.” Nichelle giggles as she walks back to her room, closing the door.
    “What’s up, Cutter?” Josette asks, motioning for me to take a seat as she does the same.
    “I just wanted to talk about earlier. I don’t want it to get weird. I know you were uncomfortable when Garrett showed up, but you didn’t have to leave.”
    “For real? He’s my boss and I was in underwear. Underwear!”
    “I’m sorry. He

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