Cyn (Moon Hunter's Inc. Book 2)

Cyn (Moon Hunter's Inc. Book 2) by Catty Diva Read Free Book Online

Book: Cyn (Moon Hunter's Inc. Book 2) by Catty Diva Read Free Book Online
Authors: Catty Diva
way to the tail section. Cyn hoped Alex would stay out of the way and safe.
    They opened the hatch entering the tail area of the space station and the alarm blared. They weren’t trying for subtlety, this was a head first attack. The leaders weren’t here and those who were appeared to be mostly lab workers. Only two guards were present and they saw the futility of their position and gave up. Those two were put in one of the cages they had kept others trapped in.
    Cyn got to work on the computers sending files to Cash as quickly as she could. Paper files and notes were also filed away and she boxed them off. She caught sight of something that had Justice’s name and hers. To say she was surprised was mild. It was something she would deal with after she returned to their moon.
    Now that everything was sorted here and the victims had all been released from their cages, it was time to plan to take on the bigger section. Only a handful of their employees had been locked up and that left the majority of on duty people, especially guards, down below. There was no use in delaying, it was time for the final battle.
    They moved through the hallway and out the hatch. This was the most limited area and the easiest place to get attacked. No one was there and that made her hope none of the culprits were aware of the actions they’d already taken in securing the information and freeing those imprisoned.
    Moving to the elevators, they spread out taking three of them and a couple of the team took the stairs. Cyn was in too big a hurry so she took the closest elevator. The guards on the lowest level were stunned as they saw her and others of her team exiting those elevators. Their surprise didn’t last long, but it was long enough to be taken out by stunners.
    Cash’s directive was to use the least harmful methods possible. He planned to interrogate these people in an attempt to get inside information about other labs and discover whoever was behind these atrocities.
    The team moved like a wave shooting anyone who wasn’t locked up and restraining them to deal with later. As was usual, Cyn went to the computers once the situation was contained and followed up with any paper files. This time, she perused the files as she worked through them and shocking information came to light. Alex was mentioned, it seemed they had kept an eye on many of the lab bred children in case they became useful at an older age.
    There was no end to the evil these people continued to create. Some of the vids of experiments were so cruel, she couldn’t watch them. The information kept in the office was so plentiful, she would require an additional day to pack it all up.
    Her thoughts kept moving to Alex and even though he acted like he didn’t want to see her, she wondered if he would anyway. Her heart wanted to test his resolve while her mind wanted to honor his decision. In the end, it was her heart that pushed her to contact him.
    “Hello? What can I do for you?”
    “Alex, It’s Cyn.”
    “You have to be the last person I ever expected to hear from. What do you need from me now?”
    “I don’t need anything. I found some information I’m sure you will want.”
    “What do you want for it?”
    “I just want to meet you to give it to you. Can’t we be civilized about this?”
    “You tear my heart in two and you want to be civilized. Very well, let’s meet in the restaurant in an hour.”
    “I’ll be there.”
    He might feel hurt and betrayed, but damn the man looked good. Cyn pulled out the file on Alex, he needed it more than Cash did. Now she would go upstairs and get ready for a life defining moment. As she walked through the halls, she saw some people had been released from their rooms. Terrik had assigned two of his team members, Trax and Seralym, to determining which employees at the space station had been used in the labs.
    Alex wouldn’t be pleased when he found out he had been covering all the expenses of the lab including their

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