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Book: Damaged by Kia DuPree Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kia DuPree
Tags: FIC048000
now. My street had a lot of traffic going up and down it—Rhode Island Avenue was always
     busy, but no one really hung outside on their porches. Neighbors did yard work and that’s about it. They came home from work
     and went in the house.
    I liked it around Chu’s way. People spoke to each other, asked about one another’s children and other family. Sometimes fights
     sprung up, but everybody knew everybody, so a lot of time the cops ain’t even get involved unless it was a shooting. A few
     times fights came from inside the apartments and ended up all the way in the street—usually it was a chick angry at her man
     over another chick, or sometimes it was the other way around. Maybe a parent got into it with another parent cuz their child
     had started a fight with the other parent’s child. Once, a girl got smashed in the head with a hammer by her baby father.
     It was even on Channel 4 News. I couldn’t believe she survived.
    In Chu’s neighborhood, people seemed to look out for each other. Every time somebody new came on the block, it was like everybody
     noticed. I felt safe around his way for some reason, even though the girls stayed in our business.
    Inside their apartment wasn’t nothing much to talk about. They had a couch and a love seat with a plasma TV, where they played
NBA Live
all day. I spent most of the time there smoking with Chu and Rob until it was time for me to go back home.
    Chu was really growing on me. We smoked weed and talked a lot about how the Brinkleys wasn’t my real parents and about my
     Nana dying. I ain’t tell him about Mama. That would hurt too much. He told me stuff, too. About his brother, Tep, being locked
     up for three years and how he wasn’t talking to his mother since she kicked him out when he was fifteen. Chu said his father
     moved back to Nigeria when he was seven and he and his brother ain’t seen or heard from him since. We kind of bonded when
     I told him I never even knew my real father. When he asked me about my mother, I just told him she was too sick to take care
     of me. I was relieved that he let it go at that. I could tell he knew I ain’t really want to talk about it.
    When I finally let him put the head all the way in, he took a few strokes but stopped cuz he thought he was hurting me when
     I started crying. But I wasn’t crying cuz of that. I was crying cuz I was thinking about Mr. Big the whole time Chu was on
     top of me.
    When I saw how Chu was looking at me, I almost wanted to tell him why I was crying. But he ain’t say nothing, he just lit
     a blunt and started smoking it.
    “Man, you gonna have to get over whatever it is you scared of… or I’ma have to…”
    “You gonna do what?” I asked, pissed off.
    “Man… shit,” he mumbled and shook his head. He took another puff and then completed his sentence. “I’ma have to do something.
     Shit, Camille, you gotta suck me or something. I gotta get this nut out.”
    I rolled my eyes. I was mad at Chu, but at the same time I ain’t want him thinking about being with nobody else. He was good
     to me. I crawled over to him and picked up his man. It looked totally different than Mr. Big’s. Chu’s was thick and long with
     smooth veins that ran around the sides. The top looked like a mushroom. Mr. Big’s reminded me of a thumb, except the top looked
     wrinkled and like an elephant’s nose. Sometimes I even had to pick lint off before I put it in my mouth. Chu’s dick was three
     times the size of Mr. Big’s and it hurt when he put it in me earlier. But Mr. Big’s went in with ease, like I was putting
     on a tampon or something.
    I held Chu’s man in my hand and then put it in my mouth. He smiled and leaned back, before locking his hand on top of my head.
     I knew he was gonna like it.
    “Damn, girl,” he moaned as I sucked. “Fuuccck.”
    I smiled. I never got scared when I did this part. It was the only time I felt like Mr. Big was weak. As big as he was, he

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