Dancing on Dew

Dancing on Dew by Leah Atwood Read Free Book Online

Book: Dancing on Dew by Leah Atwood Read Free Book Online
Authors: Leah Atwood
young, and you were fine with waiting. And you were young also, barely eighteen.”
    “At the time, it seemed right to keep it quiet.” He shrugged. “I had Sissy’s best interest at heart.”
    “Did you ever consider asking her to come with you?” Jeremiah lifted the canteen to his mouth and took another drink.
    “No. Her father wouldn’t have allowed it, and she would have hated the city.” Resting his gaze on the landscape, Joseph found comfort in the familiar scenery of his childhood—the respite he’d sought on his first arrival. “I can’t spend my life second-guessing the decisions I’ve made. It’s taking me a long time to come to terms with Clara’s death and I have to have faith that God’s in control, even when I can’t see it.”
    “What next?” Jeremiah grabbed his biscuit and resumed eating.
    “What do you mean?” A knot formed in his stomach.
    “Do you plan to rekindle a romance with Sissy?”
    “No,” he said too quickly.
    Jeremiah’s brows formed a V . “Why not?”
    “My relationship with Sissy was a lifetime ago.”
    “But maybe you’re being given a second chance.”
    “She’s still angry with me for what happened.” A knot formed in his stomach. “Besides, she’s interested in Barry.”
    “And the conversation comes full circle.” Jeremiah laughed. “You’re jealous.”
    “No, I’m not.”
    “Then why did you ask about Barry?” A smug grin appeared on Jeremiah’s face.
    “Sissy deserves a good man. Just because things didn’t work out between us, doesn’t mean that I don’t want her happy.”
    “If you say so, but can I say one more thing?”
    Joseph smirked. “You’ll say it anyway.”
    “If you feel anything for Sissy, don’t dismiss the idea of a second chance with her.” Staring in the direction of the house which was out of view, Jeremiah sighed. “God’s ideas are often different than ours. I almost missed out on a great wife because of my own preconceived notions.”
    Taut emotions banded Joseph’s heart. “I know, but I’m not ready for any relationship. Maybe one day...”
    Even that was a monumental step forward. Until recently, he’d believed he’d never marry again, but the idea of growing old alone didn’t sit well with him anymore. For now he had Gloria, but one day—many years in the future—she’d marry and have a family of her own, and then who would he have?
    “I wouldn’t wait too long, or you’ll risk losing her.” Jeremiah gave his shoulder a brotherly slap then stood and returned to work.
    His brother’s words stuck with him, twisting his stomach so he couldn’t eat. Sissy wasn’t his. They’d once shared a special bond, but he’d walked away and didn’t regret that choice. Not entirely.
    But now? Could he lose something he didn’t have? He didn’t have all the answers, but one issue was clear—he couldn’t stomach the idea of Barry courting Sissy.

Chapter Six
    “How do I look, Ma?” Cicely spun in a circle for her appraisal. She hadn’t finished her green dress yet, so wore her other favorite—one constructed from a simple cornflower blue fabric that brought the golden tones of her hair and cerulean shade of her eyes.
    “Beautiful.” Ma caught her face between two palms. “You’ve grown into a wonderful young woman.”
    Feeling the heat of a blush rising along her neck, Cicely smiled. “Only because I’ve had you as a mother to teach me.”
    Ma dropped her hands. “Barry is a good man. I’m glad you accepted his invitation.” She started to speak again but snapped her mouth shut.
    Curious, Cicely couldn’t help asking, “What is it?”
    “I value your wisdom.” She touched her fingertips to her mother’s arm. “If there’s something you want to say, I would appreciate hearing it.”
    As she ran her teeth over her bottom lip, Ma’s eyes flashed with deliberation. “I’m truly happy for you. If I could handpick a husband for you, Barry would be at the top

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