Dancing With the Devil

Dancing With the Devil by Katie Davis Read Free Book Online

Book: Dancing With the Devil by Katie Davis Read Free Book Online
Authors: Katie Davis
Tags: JUVENILE FICTION/Social Issues/Sexual Abuse
crossed her arms and sighed. “Well, still, he was looking at you like you were candy and he had a big ol’ sweet tooth. How could you not notice how many guys eye you everywhere you go?”
    â€œI only care about Grady eyeing me.” Mackenzie counted out nine chips and handed the bag to Frankie. She pulled a long, embroidered case out of her backpack and untied the red ribbon that held it closed. Folding back the flaps, she slid out two dark wooden chopsticks and added, “As long as his eyes only go where I want them to, that is.” Mackenzie tweezered the first potato chip, brought it to her mouth, and nibbled on the edge.
    Frankie flopped down on her stomach and grabbed out a handful of chips. “Get out. You still haven’t lost all willpower to the famous Grady charm?”
    â€œ Whatever ? I’m your best friend. What does ‘whatever’ mean? C’mon, spill.” Frankie flipped over, causing a potato chip landslide.
    â€œMe spill? You should talk!” Mac said. “Oh, crap—is your clock right? I was supposed to get home and make dinner. The Brat gets really cranky if she doesn’t eat by half-past too early.”
    Frankie said, “Did my mom tell you she bumped into Barb and Lily the other day? She wouldn’t shut up about how Lily is exactly like you when you were her age. She said it was like seeing you in two different time continuums.”
    â€œYeah, well, the good news is, she’s nothing like me. But it was kind of cute … the other day she’d snatched an old picture from my room, taken when I was little, and I walked into her room, and she was making it whisper to a picture of her at the same age, like we were telling secrets to each other at a playdate or something.”
    â€œI’d love to meet my four-year-old self. I’d say, ‘At your fifth birthday party, when you find a marble on the kitchen floor, whatever you do, do not stick it up your nose.’”

Chapter Five
    Mac closed her history textbook and rubbed her eyes. She’d promised to have a cuddle with Lil and wondered if she was still awake. She got up from the kitchen table and stuffed everything into her pack and went to check on her sister. She peeked into Lily’s room, but it was too dark to see, even with the hallway light streaming in. She walked closer to the bed, but Lily wasn’t in it. When Mac went to her own room, she found her sister cuddled up with her blankie, fast asleep.
    â€œAgain, Lilybean?” Mac whispered. She quietly got ready for bed and then slipped under the covers. Lily moaned in her sleep, and Mackenzie put her arms around her and pulled her close, murmuring to her.
    â€œDo you have another big sister I don’t know about?”
    Lily gave a sleepy laugh.
    Mac asked her, “Don’t you like your own room anymore?”
    â€œI like yours better. Please can I stay? I promise I won’t kick you like last night.”
    â€œOr the night before?” But Mac put both arms around Lily and held her tight, and they both fell asleep without another word.
    â€œC’mon, we have got to get some zees.” Frankie reached over and turned the clock toward her. “Groan, sob, and gasp. It’s two o’clock in the morning, Mac. How are we gonna to do thirty miles tomorrow?”
    Mackenzie looked up at Frankie’s ceiling from her traditional sleepover spot on the trundle. “Thirty? Doncha mean sixty?”
    â€œYou know,” Frankie said, “there is such a thing as overdoing it. You can get too strong.”
    â€œFunny, Franks. We’ll catch up on our sleep in the morning, skip breakfast.”
    â€œYou’re the one who always tells the club to eat right so we don’t bonk out.”
    â€œTrue … but we’ll be so hungry we’ll forget about being tired, and we’ll crank to get a bite at The Stand. By then

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