DARK BLISS (Dangerous Games,)

DARK BLISS (Dangerous Games,) by Madison Smart Read Free Book Online

Book: DARK BLISS (Dangerous Games,) by Madison Smart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Madison Smart
you,” he said.
    Rock stiffened. “What sort of fellow?”
    “American. Maybe thirty years old, dressed like a tourist but he was no tourist. Way he talked, sounded to me like a cop of some kind. Like what he really wanted to do was interrogate me but had to be polite.”
    “What did he want?”
    “Wanted to know if I’d seen you lately. Said no, I hadn’t. Wanted to know if I knew how to get in touch with you. Said no, I didn’t. Said he was with that company or agency or whatever it was that you used to work for. He handed me some horseshit about an insurance claim that had been settled. Wanted to give you a big check. He knew a lot about you, Rock, even down to what kind of bike you ride. You in trouble?”
    “I am if they find me. He may really be with them. They wouldn’t be trying to locate me if everything was peachy.”
    “And if he’s not?”
    “In that case he only wants to kill me. What I used to do, I made enemies.”
    “He left a card.” Art got out his wallet and handed it to Rock. It said:
    Walter N. Turner
    D .A.R.C.A.A.L.C.N.
    [email protected]
    Rock read the card and then tore it into small pieces, tossing them to the night wind. “That all?”
    “No, I think he left watchers too. Like I said, he knew a lot about you, probably figured you’d show up here in a couple of weeks like usual.” He smiled. “Though this is the first time you’ve brought somebody. Seems like a nice girl, little young maybe.”
    “She w as in trouble, might still be. She lost her papers. I’m taking her to the consulate, for pay of course.”
    “I see.”
    “This is just a job.”
    “Of course.”
    “What about the watchers?”
    “Well, I don’t have your training so I can’t be absolutely positive, but I keep an eye on my street. We’re downtown. There’s always guys hanging out, killing time on the corner. But not the same guys, day after day.”
    “Oh no, just locals. Couple of kids about Arturo’s age.”
    “Maybe that’s all they are, boys with time on their hands.”
    “I don’t think so. They work in shifts. One from late morning to mid-afternoon, then the other takes over until we close. There doesn’t seem to be a night shift. You showed up about ten minutes after we’d locked the doors. He might have already gone home.”
    Rock put out his cigarette. “Or not.” He clapped his friend on the arm. “Thanks, Art.”
    “Thought you’d want to know. Would have called you if I did know how to reach you. You’re a little paranoid, you know?”
    “ Won’t deny it. When I was in the sand box—”
    “Sand box?”
    “What we called Afghanistan. Over there, you get in the habit of being paranoid or you get hurt.”
    “That was years ago, amigo.”
    “Yeah but, well, in my line of work, it was useful there too. Problem is, it’s a tough habit to break. Art, I’m sorry but we’ve got to go. I want to keep maximum distance between me and whoever’s looking for me.” The two went inside.
    T he twins were halfway through their recital when Rock appeared. I patted the sofa for him to join me. Instead, he gestured for me to get up. I rose, not a little puzzled. He began to applaud loudly. “I’m sorry to interrupt, girls, but we have to go.”
    Rosa and Marie wailed in protest. So did I. “What for? I want to stay!”
    “Something’s come up,” he said tersely.
    My hand went to my mouth in alarm. He shook his head. “No, not that. Something else. We need to leave. Now.” He took my hand and pulled me toward the stairs. Arturo and Ricardo came in, adding their voices to the chorus of complaint.
    “I’m sorry, guys,” Rock apologized. “I really am. Can’t be helped. I’ll be back soon as I can. Bike rides for everyone !” He hurried me down the stairs. There were rushed hugs and farewells with Art and Min and another kiss for Señora García, who charmed me by demanding one from me as well. As we walked to the door, Tiffany

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