Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series)

Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series) by Miranda Kavi Read Free Book Online

Book: Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series) by Miranda Kavi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Miranda Kavi
they had stayed together, all these years.
    “I do not see that, brother,” Dmitri said. “I see a man very interested in a woman. A woman he cannot have.”
    “Why?” Gram snapped. “You can do what you like, but I cannot?”
    Dmitri stood from his chair, pacing over to the small double windows. “She is a job.”
    Gram stared at Dmitri. “I know that.”
    “Then stop.”
    “What about Sophia?” Gram said.
    “What about Sophia?” Dmitri barked back. He had the hollow feeling again, the one he tried to hide with brandy and scotch.
    “She was not good for business, yet you fell for her. Even now, your men question you,” Gram said.
    Dmitri shook his head, allowing his emotions to spill through. “They should not question me. If they do, they will die. Sophia is gone from me now.”
    Gram shot up from the bed. “Is that so? Is that why you killed a man today? Because he questioned you or because he threatened Sophia? How do you think that looks to the men?” He exhaled loudly. “You do not get it, do you? They have seen a weakness. They want what you have. You cannot just fucking kill every person that questions you. You have to do something to change their opinion.”
    “We are not discussing this!” Dmitri yelled. He sank back down in the chair, feeling every minute of his forty-three years. He calmed himself, slipping back into his cool, comfortable mask. “You and Naomi are done.”
    “Fuck you, Dmitri,” Gram said.
    “Go fuck yourself. And get ready. We leave today for Russia. I will get everyone back in line.”
    Gram paused at the door to take in his words and then yanked it open and left.
    Dmitri waited, immobile in his chair. He was not a good man, but he was a loyal man. He did not enjoy killing. But he would. He would tighten the circle and knock off anyone that was threatening his organization.
    He shut his suitcase, put on his shoes, and nursed a scotch from the mini-refrigerator while he waited.
    Gram knocked fifteen minutes later with a suitcase in one hand and Naomi in a bright-blue dress in tow. The ride on the elevator was tense.
    “It is show time, Naomi.” He said it more for Gram’s benefit than hers, to remind his brother that he only showed affection for Naomi in public because it was part of the job. He did not wish to unnecessarily inflict pain on him.
    Dmitri put his hand on the small of her back, and Gram’s face took on harsh lines. She stepped closer to Dmitri. He glanced down at her, surprised to see an adoring look on her pretty features. But it was a look for someone else. Gram.
    They climbed into the waiting car, hand in hand.
    They didn’t notice the man in the lobby snapping pictures.
    Sophia and Tatiana leaned forward in their chairs, laughing. They were packed inside one of the many theaters along Nevsky Prospekt. They’d decided to take a night off from clubbing and go to the movies. They’d chosen a serious art film that had turned out to be unintentionally hilarious. She was enjoying herself, giggling so hard her sides hurt.
    Then her phone vibrated in her pocket. Not her regular phone. Her burner phone.
    She pulled it out and stared at it.
    “Answer the fucking thing!” Tatiana hissed.
    Sophia did. “Hello? Hello?”
    Excitement erupted in her chest. She rose from her seat and ran down the aisle to the exit of the theatre, causing a few jeers to erupt from the seats behind her.
    “Hello?” she said in the quiet, empty lobby.
    “Sophia?” said a male voice. The line was scratchy and there was a delay. Most likely an international call.
    “Yes?” she said.
    “Target located. Be at this address tomorrow at noon.”
    “Wait, hold on.” She frantically dug through her purse and pulled out a pen, trying to get her racing heart to slow down. “Okay, go.” He recited the address, which she wrote on her shaking hand.
    “Do you understand?” said the voice.
    “Good. Dispose of the phone immediately.” The line went dead.

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