Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series)

Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series) by Miranda Kavi Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Dark Chase (The Gunrunner Series) by Miranda Kavi Read Free Book Online
Authors: Miranda Kavi
took a deep, shaky breath and then walked into the restroom. She went into a stall and wrapped the phone in a tissue. She came out and slipped it into the large wastebasket.
    She read the address on her hand over and over. She was sure it was burned in her memory, but copied it over to a scrap of paper she found in her purse just in case.
    She smoothed out her hair and blouse before she left the restroom, bumping into a very excited Tatiana.
    “Well? Did you finally answer the phone?” Tatiana said.
    “I have a meeting tomorrow.”
    Her eyes widened. “They found him.”
    “I guess so.”
    “Where are you meeting?”
    Sophia hesitated. She was pretty sure she could trust Tatiana, but still had her doubts. She showed her the writing on her palm.
    “Oh. Good restaurant. Very nice. You’ll need a dress.”
    “Really?” She stared at it.
    “It’s very public. It will be crowded. He probably did it so you would feel safe,” Tatiana said.
    Sophia just stared at her hand. Tomorrow. She’d done it, maybe. Maybe she’d found him. Maybe she’d see him soon.
    “Come on. Let’s go. You’re not going to sit through a movie now.” Tatiana grabbed her hand and pulled her outside.
    “Where are we going?” Sophia asked.
    “You need a drink.”

Chapter 8
    Sleep was elusive. She tossed and turned. Around one in the morning, Tatiana had slid into bed with her.
    She didn’t touch her or say anything, she was just there. It was what Sophia had needed, because she drifted off not long after she joined her.
    She woke up a bundle of nerves. She pondered her wardrobe for several minutes, choosing an elegant green wrap dress and black heeled booties to wear, setting them to the side until she was ready. Tatiana had woken up early, left, and returned with hair color. Sophia sat on a low stool in the kitchen with newspapers spread on the floor while Tatiana colored her hair back to its natural blond.
    She felt like herself again, instead of a stranger living in her skin. Tatiana styled her hair into a classic French twist and fussed over her make-up. She’d even offered to come with her, but Sophia wanted to go alone.
    A cab dropped her off in front of the popular, five-star restaurant. She heard the outside world through her pulse pounding in her head. Nerves and excitement had rendered most of her senses near useless.
    She walked inside, managing to maintain what she hoped was a poised, dignified demeanor. A sweeping staircase separated the entry with a bar off to one side and a cramped waiting area on the other.
    She gave her first name and the hostess showed her up the stairs and into a deep booth set in the back.
    It had curtains attached that could be drawn for privacy, but she left them open. She didn’t have to wait long for Tariq to detach from the shadows and lower himself across the table from her.
    “Sophia,” he said.
    “Tariq,” she answered. He was impeccably dressed in a crisp charcoal suit and narrow black tie. The goatee was gone, but the wild hair was not.
    “You look lovely,” he said.
    “Thank you.”
    The waiter came by, filled their water glasses, and took their drink order. She ordered diet soda, but Tariq ordered two scotches, neat.
    “You found him?” she said, when they were alone again.
    “I did. I did it myself. Too high level to entrust to anyone else,” he said.
    “Well? Where’s the information? I’m sure you’ll want to earn the rest of your fee.” She smiled.
    His mouth quirked, but he didn’t smile. “I debated on this one, Sophia. My job was to find him. And I did, in Munich. I tracked him all the way to the airport, where he got on a flight for Moscow. Then I stopped.” He hesitated, glancing around them. “But there is more. And I’m sorry.”
    Her heart sank. “Sorry for what?”
    “I am sorry for this.” He opened a briefcase he’d produced from under the table. She stiffened, horrified that he was going to pull out a weapon.
    But he didn’t. He pulled out

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