Dark Demon Rising: Whisperings Paranormal Mystery book seven

Dark Demon Rising: Whisperings Paranormal Mystery book seven by Linda Welch Read Free Book Online

Book: Dark Demon Rising: Whisperings Paranormal Mystery book seven by Linda Welch Read Free Book Online
Authors: Linda Welch
into the parking lot opposite his apartment, climbed from the truck and
slammed the door. We floated with him to the sidewalk and across Twenty-Second.
go before he gets to the steps,” Mel said.
looked at the nameplate by the staircase. Banks and Mortensen. “I don’t
want to,” I moaned. What if I never saw Royal again?
is not going to conveniently take us to the clairvoyant. If you want to see
her, let go now, ” Jack snapped.
clenched my jaw. I refused to think I existed on borrowed time. I would get my body back. To do it, I needed every scrap of information I could gather
and I couldn’t do it alone. I needed someone who operated in the physical
released my grasp on Royal’s aura and stopped moving. A giant hand folded on my
heart and squeezed as I watched him climb the steps without me.
we can go on.” Mel pointed at a middle-aged blonde who carried two shopping
bags. “She’s heading in the right direction.”
I don’t know her.”
want to wait until you see a friend?” Jack rolled his eyes. “We might be here
till Christmas. You don’t understand the mechanics of traveling yet. Getting
here with Royal was easy, but hopping transportation when you want a particular
destination is hit or miss.”
We move in increments and it can take an entire day, and that’s to get someplace
in Clarion,” from Mel. “So we take what we can.”
okay,” I grumped. I grabbed at the women as she passed us. Her aura slipped
clean through my hand.
Mel and Jack came a heartbeat behind me. They held the woman but let go when they
saw my failure. But now they stood several feet from me.
have to coordinate. We can’t keep stopping for you to catch up,” Jack declared
occurred to me I didn’t know where the clairvoyant lived, or operated out of. “In
case we do lose one another, what’s the address?”
squinted and fingered his lower lip. “Somewhere on Pennsylvania.”
saw her ad in the newspaper an age ago.” Mel pointed at another woman. “Her.”
let the woman pass me. “Do you know how long Pennsylvania is?”
Do you?”
didn’t exactly. “It connects east and west Clarion. It’s long ,” I
emphasized. I sighed as our next target passed and moved beyond reach, knowing
I grasped at straws. We didn’t know Madam Magenta’s location and unless her business
bore a sign, how in the world might we find her?
I gazed across the street at the Mad Moose and a window full of sweet and
savory confections. I often paused here at the bottom of the steps to savor the
aroma of pastries and coffee which seeped from the café. Now I got nothing but
dead, lifeless air.
managed to snag a young man and he continued for half a block until he reached
his car. As we had no idea where he headed, we released him.
groaned. This would take forever.
it didn’t help when Mel suddenly let go as we turned along Deacon Street
piggybacked to a couple of teens who twined each other like mating octopi. Jack
and I were ten feet away when we released our grips and settled to the sidewalk.
at these shoes,” she crooned as she stood at a store window with hands clasped at
her bosom. “You’d think after all this time I’d be used to wearing the same
clothes, but I’d kill to get into a new outfit.”
on, Mel,” I exhorted. “People are swarming. Catch one.”
a sec.” She put her head on one side and looked at the shop window. “I adore
the fashions of today.”
I gonna have to come get you?” I threatened.
    “Not your fashions, let’s face it, you don’t have any,” she continued
obliviously. “Styles for the younger, slimmer, chicer woman.”
what I’ve endured all these years?” from Jack.
dug my fingers in my hair. “Mel!”
she turned from the window. “You don’t have to yell. Believe

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