Daughter of Darkness

Daughter of Darkness by Janet Woods Read Free Book Online

Book: Daughter of Darkness by Janet Woods Read Free Book Online
Authors: Janet Woods
turned to face him. Her smile faded when Hugh Macbride emerged from the trees. You! ’
    ‘Lady Sommersley.’ Leaning forward in his saddle, Macbride’s eyes lingered on her breeches for a few seconds. She felt uncomfortable when he smiled and said, ‘Very fetching, my dear.’ Leaping from his horse he strolled lazily towards her and gave a little bow. ‘I see you ride with no groom. I must warn you, an unescorted woman positively invites danger.’
    ‘You’re mistaken, Lieutenant,’ she retorted. ‘I do not ride alone. You need not delay your journey on my account.’
    He opened the top button on his tunic. ‘I never disengage my duties lightly, Madam. I’ll keep you company until your escort appears.’ He held up a hand when she sought to protest. ‘Do not argue. Once I’ve set my course on a path of action I’m not easily swayed from it. An admirable trait in a soldier, don’t you think?’
    ‘I suppose a soldier must possess such a quality if he wishes to conquer rather than be conquered.’ She wondered where Jeffrey was. Turning her back on Hugh Macbride she wandered over to the cottage and peered through the grimy window. The cottage was crudely furnished and had the air of not being lived in for a long time.
    ‘Where do you go from here,’ she asked, turning back towards him. She gave a startled gasp when his breath fanned against her cheek. ‘Step back sir. You are immodestly close.’
    He ignored her demand. ‘We’re to be stationed at Dorchester until the spring, then on to India.’ His eyes bored hotly into hers. ‘One kiss and I’ll bear the exile a happy man.’
    Alarmed by the intimacy of his smile she prepared to push past him. His arms came up either side of her, trapping her against the building.
    ‘Let me go, sir,’ she managed to get out before his mouth cut off her words. She’d often imagined what kissing would feel like, but the rush of bodily pleasure she experienced was unprecedented. She momentarily froze as his hot mouth explored hers, then gasped in dismay as his hands brushed against her breasts. Placing her hands against his chest she tried to push him away. The action served only to inflame him.
    He laughed at her blushing face, and taking her hand in his, placed it against the swelling mound in his groin. ‘You should not tease, My Lady,’ he said, pushing himself against her hand and cupping his manhood snugly inside it. ‘See what you have done to me?’
    ‘Pray let me go, sir,’ she entreated, all too aware of his intention. ‘My husband will have no regard for me if he does not find me intact on his return.’
    Her naive remark brought an expression of avarice to his handsome face. The shape in her hand nudged into extra firmness. ‘Your husband deserves cuckolding for his neglect of you.’ The back of his hand stroked down her face, his fingers lingered on her lips. ‘What a trophy,’ he gloated. ‘There is a one- hundred-guineas prize to the man who takes your maidenhood. I’ll have a lock of your hair to prove it. I’ll be the toast of London.’
    Her temper, which had lain dormant for quite some time, suddenly flared into life. ‘You will not take it easily, sir.’ Sinking her teeth into his hand she bit down with all her might. At the same time her nails dug into the abomination encased in her hand.’
    Had her ears been pansies they’d have shriveled from the heat of the oath Hugh Macbride roared. He caught one of her wrists as she sought to evade him, twisting it until she cried out with pain. ‘If you do not give yourself willingly I’ll be forced to hurt you. The outcome will be the same.’ He smiled as he divested himself of his weapons and accoutrements, and placed his loaded pistol on the windowsill to keep it out of the dust. ‘Using force will merely add pleasure to the conquest.’
    ‘Is ravishing a defenseless woman part of a soldier’s duty?’ Her free hand crept towards her dagger and loosened it from its scabbard. She’d

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