Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)

Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Corinne Davies Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Davies, Corinne - Steam-Driven Seduction [Steampunked Lust 3] (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting) by Corinne Davies Read Free Book Online
Authors: Corinne Davies
bastard, but he wasn’t completely evil. She stepped away from the door and continued on her way down the hallway.
    She’d turned two more corners when she almost ran into one of Julien’s men. She didn’t recognize him. He was built like a black bear and resembled one as well. Broad chested with long black hair and a beard, he lifted his eyebrows as if he hadn’t expected to come across her. “Mrs. Kincaid?”
    “Please call me Kass,” she automatically replied. Being referred to as Mrs. Kincaid felt like someone poking a tender bruise on her heart.
    “My name is Grizz. The captain asked me to escort you to your room.”
    “I would greatly appreciate that.” She gave the man her best innocent smile. “I haven’t been here in years and completely forgot my way around. It’s very confusing with all the corridors.”
    “That’s understandable, ma’am.” He smiled back, but it didn’t quite reach his eyes. “Come this way please.”
    He held out his arm, and she laid her hand on his thick forearm. As they moved she chatted about how much things had changed since she’d been here and how much she was looking forward to getting to know everyone again. Meanwhile she planned her next move. Grizz was far too observant, and while he was obviously willing to play the game, she didn’t think he believed her “lost” story.
    When Grizz stopped at Julien’s private quarters, her temper started to boil. “Why are we stopping here?”
    “This is where you will be staying.”
    “No. Please escort me to one of the guest chambers and I’ll be quite comfortable there.”
    “Sorry, Mrs. Kincaid, Captain specifically requested you stay here. Some of your belongings have already been transferred from your ship to this room. We’ll see to the rest shortly.”
    She frowned up at him for using her married name and set her molars together before she snapped at him, “Please, don’t rush on my account. There isn’t much aboard my ship that I need, and I’m sure what has been brought here already is fine.”
    Grizz nodded his head. “Have a nice evening, ma’am.”
    “You, too, Grizz. It was a pleasure meeting you.”
    The big man turned and headed down the corridor as Kass hit the entrance button with her fist. “High handed. Arrogant. Bossy.” She started listing off Julien’s qualities that annoyed her most. Looking around the room made one thing abundantly clear. She needed a plan for a quick escape. His room had not changed a whit since the day she left. There were too many memories in here.
    She ran her hand along one of the four posts that stood at each bed corner. Closing her eyes made the memories harder to withstand. In her naiveté she’d seen Julien as her hero. A man who whisked her away from slavery, who gave her a place to call home, safety, and security, and she loved him body and soul. He had secrets. She’d known that but had been willing to overlook it.
    He’d handfasted with her, something she’d been certain would never happen considering she’d been a den slave. It’d been luck that she’d been slated to be auctioned off the day Julien had raided the pits holding her. Something about him…she’d known she could trust him the moment he scooped her up and handed her a gun, telling her to shoot every slaver she saw.
    A sharp knock at the door yanked her out of her musings. She strode out of the bedroom and into the sitting area, curious who was on the other side. Julien would’ve walked in without any warning. “Come in.”
    The door whisked open and a different guard stepped into the room. Kass casually dropped her hand to her hip and slipped her fingers into the slit in the material, easing her gun out of the holster strapped to her leg.
    “Captain asked me to bring these up here, ma’am.”
    “Yes, of course.” Kass backed to the side but kept her weapon in her hand. Three uniformed men carried a trunk each and placed it in the bedroom. She’d be willing to bet that Julien had

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