Dead Roses for a Blue Lady

Dead Roses for a Blue Lady by Nancy Collins Read Free Book Online

Book: Dead Roses for a Blue Lady by Nancy Collins Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nancy Collins
Tags: Fiction, General, Fantasy
schizophrenia that radiated from the other woman like a martyr's halo. The scowling woman blushed, drew her shoulders in, ducked

    Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( ) her chin, and hurried away as if she'd suddenly woken up and discovered herself sleepwalking in the nude. Sonja shrugged and continued scanning the bar for the young man who'd spoken to her earlier.
    Give it up, he's forgotten you and found another bimbo for the evening.
    Sonja fought to keep from cringing at the sound of the Other's voice inside her head. She managed to go almost all night without having to endure its commentary.
    She found him waiting for her at the bar. Sonja made a last minute spot-check for any blood or telltale ichor that might be clinging to her, then moved forward.
    "You still interested in buying me that drink?"
    The young man's smile was genuinely relieved. "You came back!"
    "I said I'd be back, didn't I?"
    "Yeah. You did." He smiled again and offered her his hand. "I guess I ought to introduce myself. I'm Judd."
    Sonja took his hand and smiled without parting her lips. "Pleased to meet you, Judd. I'm Sonja."
    "What the hell's going on here?!"
    Judd's smile faltered as his gaze fixed itself on something just over Sonja's right shoulder.
    She turned and found herself almost nose-to-nose with a young woman dressed in a skin-tight black sheath, fishnet stockings, and way too much make-up. The woman's psychosis covered her face like a caul found on a newborn infant, pulsing indentations marking her eyes, nose and mouth.
    Judd closed his eyes and sighed. " Kitty, look, it's over! Get a life of your own and let go of mine, alright?"
    "Oh, is that how you see it? Funny, I remember you saying something different! Like how you'd always love me! Guess I was stupid to believe that, huh?"
    Kitty's rage turned the caul covering her face an interesting shade of magenta. The way it swirled and pulsed reminded Sonja of a lavalamp.
    "You're not getting away that easy, asshole! And who's this—your new slut?" Kitty slapped the flat of her hand against Sonja's leather-clad shoulder to push her away from Judd.
    Sonja grabbed Kitty's wrist, careful not to break it in front of Judd.
    C'mon, snap the crazy bitch's arm off, purred the Other. She deserves it!
    "Don't touch me."
    Kitty tried to yank herself free of Sonja's grip. "I'll fucking touch you anytime I want! Just you stay away from my boyfriend, bitch! Now let me go!" She made to rake Sonja's face with her free hand, only to have that one grabbed as well, forcing her to look directly into her rival's face.
    Kitty's features grew pale and she stopped struggling. Sonja knew the other woman was seeing her— truly seeing her—for what she was. Only three kinds of human could perceive the Real World: psychics, poets, and lunatics. And Kitty definitely qualified for the last category.
    Sonja released the girl, who stood massaging her wrists, her gaze still fixed on her. Kitty opened her mouth as if to say something then turned and hurried away, nearly tripping over her own high heels as she fled.
    Judd looked uncomfortable. "I'm sorry you had to go through that. Kitty's a weird girl. We

    Create PDF files without this message by purchasing novaPDF printer ( ) lived together for a few months, but she was incredibly jealous. It got to the point where I couldn't take any more of it, so I moved out. She's been dogging my tracks ever since. She scared off my last two girlfriends." Sonja shrugged. "I don't scare easy."

    He wasn't afraid of her. Nor did she detect the self-destructive tendencies that usually attracted men to her kind. Judd was not a tranced moth drawn to her dark flame, nor was he a renfield in search of a master. He was simply a good-natured young man who found her physically attractive. The novelty of his normalcy intrigued her.
    He bought her several drinks, all of which she downed without effect. But she did

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