Deadly Intentions (Hardy Brothers Security Book 1)

Deadly Intentions (Hardy Brothers Security Book 1) by Lily Harper Hart Read Free Book Online

Book: Deadly Intentions (Hardy Brothers Security Book 1) by Lily Harper Hart Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lily Harper Hart
wrong. I made new friends.”
    “You guys didn’t stay in touch?”
    “We did but, you know how things go, when you’re separated that long you just kind of drift apart,” Mandy said. “That’s why, when I heard she was down here, I couldn’t wait to see her. We always had so much fun. It was really great seeing her.”
    “Yeah, she’s going to college right now,” James said, pride evident in his voice. “She’s working as a secretary at an insurance firm, too.”
    “She looks great,” Mandy said.
    “She’s not the only one,” James said sincerely.
    Mandy couldn’t fight the warmth spreading across her cheeks and pooling between her legs. “So, tell me about the military.” Do not think about that , Mandy warned herself. He was just being nice.
    James shrugged. “There’s not a lot to tell,” he said. “I was there for six years and then I wasn’t anymore.”
    “That’s not much of a story,” Mandy prodded.
    James shook his head. “It’s not something I really want to talk about.”
    “Oh,” Mandy said. “I’m sorry. I didn’t think. That was stupid of me.”
    “It’s fine,” James said, waving off her apology. “What I learned there gave me the opportunity to do what I’m doing now. I really have no complaints.”
    Mandy furrowed her brow. “And what exactly do you do?”
    James laughed. “Save damsels in distress. That’s right in the title of my job description.”
    Mandy cocked her head to the side, trying to hide her smile under her hand. “Besides that.”
    “It’s a lot of different things,” James said. “We set up security systems for businesses. We provide bodyguards for visiting dignitaries. We even serve as chauffeurs for certain people if they need it. It’s pretty varied.”
    Mandy smiled as she pictured James in one of those little chauffeurs’ hats. In quick order, that thought was marred by the idea of him only wearing the chauffeur’s hat and nothing else, which caused a weird heating in her loins again. “Is it dangerous?”
    James shrugged. “Not really. I guess there are a few dangerous situations,” he ceded. “Most of it is pretty boring.”
    “And you brought Finn and Grady into the business when they were done in the Navy?”
    James nodded. “They were ready to get out of the military and I thought it was a great chance for us all to build a solid business.”
    “It seems to be working for you,” Mandy said.
    “I enjoy it,” James said. “How about you?”
    “How about me what?”
    “Do you like being a court clerk?”
    “Not really,” Mandy admitted guilelessly.
    “Then why do you do it?” James asked, his eyes dark and curious.
    “It’s what I went to school for,” Mandy replied. “I thought it was going to be different than what it is.”
    “And what is it?”
    “A lot of sadness really,” Mandy replied. “The people who come through that court have already screwed up their lives so profoundly it’s virtually impossible to ever get it back on track. Most of them have no hope for something better. It’s a little depressing.”
    Realization dawned on James. “You thought you were going to be helping people get a fresh start, didn’t you?”
    Mandy sighed. “Does that make me naïve?”
    “No,” James said. “It makes you sweet.”
    Mandy rolled her eyes. “I’m not sweet.”
    “Oh, you’re sweet,” James laughed. “You’ve always been sweet. I used to worry that people would walk all over you when you were younger. You seemed to have found a balance.”
    “You’re just saying that because your high school girlfriend used to make my life miserable.”
    James scowled at the mention of Ann. “Why would she go after you?”
    “You forget, I still had a year of high school with her after you left,” Mandy said. “Once you dumped her she became … unpleasant.”
    James barked out a laugh. “She was unpleasant before I left.”
    “Then why did you date her?”
    “Boredom,” James said. “There weren’t a

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