Deadly Kisses

Deadly Kisses by Kerri Cuevas Read Free Book Online

Book: Deadly Kisses by Kerri Cuevas Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kerri Cuevas
sad eyes flicked with disappointment and did me in. “Fine, I’ll hold it for you, but if I kill the bird I don’t want to hear about it. Okay?”
    “Thanks, Ad.” The warmth sparked again and I closed my eyes and reached down slow to hold the little creature. Her fingers met mine. A trail of her heat remained. I opened one eye to make sure the thing hadn’t keeled over. I let out a breath and Bee freaked out and covered her hand over the bird.
    “You want to freeze this poor little chickadee? Don’t breathe so hard. If you haven’t noticed, you make the North Pole feel like the tropics.”
    “Okay, sorry, I forget I’m dead sometimes.” Holding the bird, I followed her as she limped down the path, the leaves crunching under her feet.
    “You must not have been a Grim Reaper for long since you keep forgetting that you’re dead.”
    I scrunched my eyebrows together. “And you act like seeing Grim Reapers are a normal thing.”
    “It’s normal for me because I was born seeing them. It’s just something we always accepted. I see Grim Reapers in the center of town towing people around like dogs on a leash. I accept that death is a part of life and I’m not afraid of it. Of course, I’m going to avoid it at all costs, but hey, can’t live forever, right?”
    “Bull. You have to be scared out of your wits. It’s not normal to accept death.” I felt like an idiot that I never knew this side of her, the side that could see Death and her calm view about it. She had kept it hidden well.
    “Who are you to tell me what I feel and don’t feel?” She scowled and half stomped. I had hit a nerve.
    “I’m just making a friendly observation because no one could be okay with seeing a Grim Reaper come knock at their door. We can look darn creepy. If someone came and told me I would die, I would go crazy.”
    “My family isn’t like that. Who is the one that took you? Did he give you the kiss of death or use the garden tool? My grandmother died when I was six. A Grim Reaper sucked her soul right out in one big breath. White glittery fog came out and the Grim Reaper swallowed it.” She paused, looking thoughtful. “Did you have a choice or is it like a punishment to become a Grim Reaper? You were bad, weren’t you?”
    “That’s more than one question. I said one.” The bird chirped and I loosened my grip, afraid I would squish the thing. “I bet you haven’t even told your parents about our little date.”
    Bee kicked a stick that was in her way, sending it to the side of the path. It looked like that sprained ankle was miraculously better. “Is that a question or a statement Mr. know-it-all?”
    “A statement.” I wanted to hug her. I felt guilty for taunting her, but if I started to be nice, killing her would never happen.
    “I have my question and you have to promise to answer it truthfully.”
    I was afraid of telling her anything. I was a pro at staying elusive while reaping, but answering a question had me squirming in my cloak.
    “Just ask it,” I mumbled.
    “The truth?”
    “I could never lie to you,” I growled.
    My nerves jittered, afraid she would figure out who I was.
    “Why do you call me girl?” She continued to evaluate me. It was weird that of all questions to ask, she wanted to know something personal about me.
    “Because it keeps things impersonal. I don’t want to feel connected to my assignments and since you can oddly see me, the more impersonal the better. Okay, Beatrice?” Her soul dripped relief until it calmed, and warm threads of energy twitched through me.
    “Call me Bee. It’s nice to know you are aware of whom you reap, that it’s not just a game, or some sick pleasure.”
    “That’s me, the all caring neighborhood Grim Reaper.” We continued down the path. She was deep in thought. I was annoyed. All I wanted to do now was float down the river in my gondola and be away from everyone.

    B ee gently took the injured bird from me, placing it in a cage that

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