Deadly Lies

Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden Read Free Book Online

Book: Deadly Lies by Cynthia Eden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cynthia Eden
Tags: FIC027110
Max’s lips tightened.
    He’d promised his mother that he’d look after Quinlan. A brother, not by blood, but by a mother’s command. He’d promised….
    And Max kept his promises. Even the ones he wanted to break.
    “Every major newspaper in the area headlined with the Jeremy Briar kidnapping and murder.” Monica Davenport’s cool voice carried
     easily through the conference room.
    Sam shifted in her chair. Yes, she’d seen the headlines. WHO KILLED THE PLAYBOY
Big, bold, in-your-face headlines. But playboy? No, he’d been—
    “Some rag even managed to get a picture of Briar’s mutilated body. A shot that looked like one of
crime scene photos.” Monica’s lips tightened, the only change in her expression, but that small flicker was enough to tell
     Sam that the woman was pissed. Monica, or
as she’d been nicknamed back in her Academy days, wasn’t one for much emotion.
    The team Luke had assembled for the serial kidnappings case had gathered in the conference room to hear Monica’s update and
     to find out just what they could expect in the coming days.
    “The kidnappings are out in the open now. The families know exactly what will happen if they don’t pay for their sons’ release.”
So far, only men had been taken. Strong, fit men in their twenties. All had been abducted within a two-hundred-mile radius
     of D.C.
    “Can we expect copycat crimes?” This came from Agent Jon Ramirez. Since he’d recently finished up a serial rapist case in
     Denver, Dante had pulled Jon onto the team. Jon lounged back in his seat, black eyes watchful, as he tapped a pen against
     the edge of the long conference table. “Rich boys vanishing… maybe it will tempt others.”
    “It might.” Monica crossed her hands over her chest and gave a slow nod. “Expect them.”
    Great. More drama to cloud the case.
    “And expect the real kidnappers to strike soon.
    Sam shook her head. “But there’s usually at least two weeks between—”
    “The kidnappers didn’t get their paycheck for the last victim. They’ll make another snatch.”
    Snatch. Such a cold way to talk about a person’s life.
    “The last four victims all disappeared from bars near college campuses… those are the hunting grounds,” Monica said. “So far,
     the kidnappers haven’t visited the same place twice.”
    That they knew of.
    “We’ve canvassed the bars where our vics were,” Luke’s much warmer voice cut through. “We couldn’t find anyone who remembered
     seeing the men leave.”
    Sam cleared her throat. “I tapped into the traffic camera that’s located right down the street from The Core. I was able to
     retrieve license plate numbers for over a hundred vehicles.”
    Luke raised a brow.
    “I cross-referenced those tags with the vehicles that we saw from the traffic cameras at the other scenes. There were no matches.”
     But she wasn’t ready to give up yet. “I’ve got the names and addresses of the people who owned the cars. We can interview
     those folks; maybe someone remembers seeing Jeremy.”
    Now Luke nodded. “Good work, Sam.” He pointed at Ramirez. “Why don’t you and Kim take the witness list? See if anyone was
     sober enough to remember our vic and the person who took him out of the bar.”
    “The perps are smart,” Monica murmured. “I counted at least three exits at The Core. A bouncer is usually stationed at the
     front, but the other doors would have been clear. If they went out the back way—”
    “Then they could have taken the East Benedict Road and not gotten caught on the traffic camera,” Sam finished quietly. Yeah,
     she knew about the alternate route, and if the killers were as organized as they thought they were, they knew, too.
    But everyone made mistakes, and just maybe their killers had screwed up.
    “We grill every potential witness.” Luke’s gaze swept the room. “And we focus on finding the perps’ next hunting ground.”
     His stare rested on

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