Deadly Treatment

Deadly Treatment by David McLeod Read Free Book Online

Book: Deadly Treatment by David McLeod Read Free Book Online
Authors: David McLeod
Tags: Fiction, thriller, Suspense, Retail
to the Playas de Rosarito for a potential cure, or should he head on in to LA and finish his mission? Both destinations were fraught with danger, and both had their appeal. He checked his roadmap again to see the distances and time it would take to get to each of them – What would Steve McQueen do? he thought to himself. The ever-increasing, near vomit inducing cough made the decision for him — LA was closer, so LA was where he headed.

    Elwood got word that his prey Anthony Cain had been to see Dr. Brad Turnbold, a health activist in Texas. According to the information he received from his boss, Turnbold had been a general pain in the Corporation’s ass, but had recently been smothered with the use of heavy litigation. Now, the last thing they wanted was for him and his ego to refresh his campaigning. Before Elwood could make his way to Dallas though, he had to take care of this Ohio job. Seemed that this company had manufactured some kind of magic potion or lotion that they’d been unwilling to sell to the Corporation; this was not a huge issue as the Corporation had many ways to handle this type of thing. But now that Cain had been to see them, Elwood’s boss Paxton felt sure they would need to be re-dissuaded from taking seriously anything he’d told them. So, armed with photos of the CEO’s children, Elwood jumped out of his SUV and went in to start the one-sided negotiations.

    Arriving back at the house, Scott took the burger and fries to Joshua while Vince went off to his room to relax. Vince loved to have time to himself; he was a sociable guy to a point, but there were times when he just needed to be away from everyone and everything.
    As he reclined on his bed, he thought about the conversation he’d had with Scott about what to do with the kid. Life had thrown him many curve balls in the past, and he had managed to take them all in his stride; would he be able to take care of the kid? Damn right he would!
    His thoughts returned to his brief time in Iraq. LA was his home, a place he loved, a safe place — well relatively, and it was the place where his love of burning things had grown from starting simple fires to working as a full-on contract arsonist who, wherever possible, loved to tinker around with explosives. But in Iraq, all gloves were off; there’d been no place like it for Vince. He was in a territory where some of his biggest and greatest loves were available to him twenty-four hours a day. Fires were fun, starting them and watching them burn would always give him a thrill. But explosions were where the real fun was to be had, and Iraq was full of them. At school he’d messed around with a few chemicals, but little pops in controlled environments were never going to be enough for him. He had enjoyed experimenting with things like sulfur, charcoal, starch, and magnesium — in fact, any stuff he could find either in the science labs or in his mother’s cleaning cupboard. But all of these too resulted in small pops with very little damage.
    He remembered making his first pipe bomb: ripping open the shotgun shell and emptying the black powder into an old sink drainage pipe. He closed both ends, added a fuse, and voila he had a fairly unsophisticated, but loud and effective bomb. He’d read somewhere that the most serious effect of a pipe bomb was the shock wave because it ran off at twenty–three-hundred meters per second, but to the young Vincent standing some distance away, watching the shrapnel fly and hearing the boom was the best fun.
    It didn’t take him long to progress from low explosives to high explosives. Things like TNT could be easily obtained if you knew who to talk to. Aside from the chemical reaction time, the main difference he found between low and high was the damage.
    To Vince, fires, bombs, and explosions were like drugs to addicts. The more he did, the more he wanted to do, which was probably why he’d signed up for a tour in Iraq. Firing lead bullets

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