Death by Marriage

Death by Marriage by Jaden Skye Read Free Book Online

Book: Death by Marriage by Jaden Skye Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jaden Skye
Tags: Fiction, Suspense, Thrillers, Mystery, Retail
“Paul loved the game.
He was good too, much too good if you asked me. That guy had the brain of an
eel, slipping inside of cracks and corners, able to figure anything out. That’s
what he lived for. Beating the odds.”
lost a lot?” Mattheus was fascinated.
the opposite,” Roomed smiled again. “He cleaned up almost every time.”
I told you, he had the brain of an eel.”
why the hell did you guys keep playing with him?”
licked his lips. “The thrill of the game. It was worth it.  I could afford it,
but another guy couldn’t. He was in debt to Paul, big time. He just couldn’t
stop playing. His debt kept growing. Paul liked lording it over him, having the
guy cringe around him.  Made Paul feel powerful.”
was a completely different angle. Mattheus had to find out who the guy was,
check him out. His bill could have gotten too big for him. What better way to
get rid of it than to take out Paul?
for telling me this,” said Mattheus. “Can you give me the guy’s names?”
said Roomey. “That’s private.”
is a murder investigation,” Mattheus grimaced.
nodded. “I know. I can’t give you his name, but I can tell you which guy in the
casino knows who the players were in the game. There weren’t so many of us.  It
won’t be hard to track him down.”
was one crafty guy. Mattheus was grateful. Obviously Roomey cared about his
friend. “Anything else?” Mattheus pressed on.
still looked troubled. “Well, sooner or later you’re gonna hear this. Paul and
Kendra were married a lot of years.  She got a little lonely at the end. It wasn’t
a big deal. Natural, if you asked me. Probably inevitable.”
    It was natural, Mattheus thought, to get lonely, even after years with
someone at your side. Mattheus suddenly liked the guy and respected him.
did you know she was lonely?” Mattheus wanted a little more.
talked a little bit from time to time. I’d call to talk to him and she’d pick
up the phone.”
    “She said she was lonely?”
got jittery. “Of course not. I just felt it. She’d hang on too long, want to
talk more and more. That’s all I noticed.”
where were you the day Paul died?” Mattheus couldn’t help but ask.
slithered in his chair. “You’ve got to be kidding.”
routine,” said Mattheus, “nothing more.  How did you hear about it?”
just smiled oddly. “Everyone who knew them was asked what they were doing that
afternoon, but me. I was waiting for the time someone would ask me.”
routine,” said Mattheus repeated.
I realize that. There was a design show at the museum in town that day. My
drawings and models were exhibited at it. I was there all day. So were lots of
thought Mattheus.  “And Kendra wasn’t there?”
she attends every year, but this time she woke up feeling lousy. Rotten luck
for her, though.” His brow curled and his eyes glossed over. You could see how
much it bothered him.
married yourself?” asked Mattheus.
drew back then, and tightened his jaw. He didn’t like the turn of the
not the marrying kind,” he said finally, between closed lips. “Never have been.
Never will.”
looked at him, on alert.
felt it immediately. “Is that another crime?” he asked, jittery.
was something in the tone of his voice that put Mattheus off.  “Of course not,”
said Mattheus.
about you?” Roomey turned the tables then. “You the marrying kind?”
drew back.   “Once I was,” said Mattheus. “At a different time.”
in the picture now? Roomey asked, interested.
said Mattheus, “no one,” as the muscle under his left eye started to twitch.

slipped into a fitted black, sleeveless dress, brushed her hair

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